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Resilient Beyond Reason

Hi, I’m Kanayo Situ (née Dike-Oduah)

BSc, PGCE, QTLS, MA, EdD (Candidate)

Academic, Author, Leader in Education, Consultant, Teacher, Researcher, Speaker and more.

The word doctor derives from the Latin word “docere” meaning “to teach.” I’m a doctor by virtue and profession, healing and performing heart surgery with words of encouragement.

I am an experienced leader in education. I studied Psychology at the University of Surrey followed by my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at UCL’s Institute of Education, where I also completed my Masters in Educational Assessment. I am currently completing my Doctorate in Education at UCL while working full time as Head of Psychology. 

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Unwavering Optimist. Uncommon Leader.

This site is ‘where psychology meets scripture’, where I share my love for God and all things psychology. I have written Christian devotionals read by over half a million people all over the world and continue to use my platform to encourage others towards excellence in their faith. 

I am an advocate for the ‘patient voice’ following my experience with systemic racism during my period of ill-health with Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS). As featured on ITV, Elle Magazine, and as an International Guest Lecturer for Medical Schools, I use my background as a speaker and SJS survivor to contribute to knowledge about the presentation of diseases in individuals with African ancestry and other ethnic groups. I encourage patients to acquire the appropriate language and practical skills to effectively advocate for their health and actively collaborate with clinicians to ensure that holistic care remains the goal in all clinical settings. 

I am the Unwavering Optimist. Resilient Beyond Reason. Uncommon Leader.

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