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Academic, Author, Leader in Education, Consultant, Teacher, Researcher, Speaker and more.

A one-on-one consultation is a private, one-off consultancy session, carried out remotely or in person. Sessions are one hour long and are arranged to suit the availability of the consultant and the client. Additional hours can be booked on a needs basis. Where significant advanced reading or preparation is required, an additional cost is applied to your booking on a case-by-case basis.

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How to book a consultation:
  1. Complete the initial booking form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Wait for a response from, confirming your booking date and time (this is important as timings may need to be adjusted due to emerging responsibilities).
  3. Once the date and time have been confirmed via email, you will be advised to make payment via PayPal.

Please note that your booking is not confirmed until payment has been completed.

Book your timeslot for your preferred consultation service. Only make payment via PayPal below when your consultation has been confirmed.

1-hr – Consultation Service Payment

(Paypal transaction fee included) A consultation service with Kanayo Dike-Oduah at the hourly rate of £45 p/h. Ensure that you have booked your time slot and paid to confirm your booking. You should receive a confirmation email for both activities.


10-minute Pre-Consultation Service Payment

(Paypal fee factored in) A 10 minute pre-consultation service with Kanayo Dike-Oduah. Ensure that you have booked your time slot and paid to confirm your booking. You should receive a confirmation email for both activities.



academic consultation Service

Kanayo’s expertise and award-winning experience of university education and assessment allows her to offer a tailored approach to your academic and assessment needs.

Kanayo can support you with choosing the right university course, writing a personal statement for bachelors, masters and doctoral courses, preparing your research proposal for doctoral courses, preparing for university interviews and providing valuable guidance for academic assignments. In addition, Kanayo can assist parents with educational planning for their child’s next steps and provide academic counselling for students. Let Kanayo support you to achieve excellence in your academic journey by booking a consultation.

Professional consultation Service

Kanayo is a senior leader in education whose professional experience ranges from being Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of Psychology and Lead Practitioner. In addition, she is an experienced examiner and assessment writer for a major awarding body. Her rapid career progression in teaching in the UK is admirable to many and is a result of key steps undergirded by her progressive knowledge, skills and willingness to learn.

If you are interested in teaching, progressing through your teaching career, engaging in ‘education’ roles outside of the classroom, need support with job applications or have any questions concerning career advice; let Kanayo support you to achieve excellence in your professional journey.

research consultation service

Kanayo’s research expertise is in the domains of assessment, curriculum, pedagogy and media. Her distinction-level thesis on assessment and the media lead her research to be discussed at the Research Advisory Board for a major awarding body and has informed their practice. If you are interested in benefiting from Kanayo’s research areas to inform the development of education resources, programmes and so on, book a consultation.

bespoke consultation service

Kanayo has a plethora of experience across many areas, including writing and publishing for audiences (devotionals, articles etc.), creating resources (journals etc.), organisation and time-management, implementing realistic healthy lifestyle changes (N.B. personal, non-expert) and more. Oftentimes, Kanayo receives questions on many of these areas, and an email/social media response is not suitable for either the client in terms of quality or the consultant in terms of time and effort. To that end, if you have a question in any of these areas or beyond, book a consultation.

I just want to say a very big thank you for looking at my personal statement, I have received an offer from UCL for the Masters course I applied for and I know your tips played a role in that. I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my personal statement, you are truly one of a kind and I’m very grateful. May God continue to bless you and show you favour and kindness where ever you go. You are an inspiration to many, including myself and I hope your students know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful and prayerful teacher.

Judith, Academic Consultation Client

I really love how Kanayo took her time to walk through each point. She gave thorough answers, the session did not feel rushed yet was packed with quality gems. I appreciate the level of preparation that went behind this session and the excellence was evident throughout the entire experience.

Pelumi, Bespoke Consultation Client