Psychology of Forgiveness – Devotional

A 4-day devotional on the ‘Psychology of Forgiveness’. Available on and YouVersion now!

This devotional is where ‘psychology meets scripture’ on the topic of forgiveness. Oftentimes, we passively forgive an offender, with a simple ‘I forgive you’, however, the challenge comes when you are reminded of their offence every time you see them. Or when you find it hard to get rid of that negative memory. Sometimes these recurring memories and feelings make you question whether you have really forgiven them or not.

Psychology of Forgiveness

I’m reading the ‘Psychology of Forgiveness’ devotional. Join the conversation and understand the psychological processes behind forgiveness. Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Psychology of Forgiveness – Devotional

  1. Just read psychology of forgiveness in You version app. Simply and beautifully written. I am a born again Christian and look forward to sharing this with others.

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