Forgiveness does not negate accountability

It is not un-Christian to hold someone or an organisation accountable when they have stepped out of line.

What is un-Christian is to remain offended when claiming to have forgiven. (Read my devotional ‘The psychology of forgiveness’ on YouVersion to work through how to forgive even when the memories are so salient).

Many Christians are busy keeping a record of wrongs, because they have allowed faux-forgiveness to negate accountability.

Accountability works when you use the right channels with the purpose of bringing about a change. Accountability works when the purpose is to educate and not condemn.

All of us will find ourselves in situations where we are angry about what has taken place. And I must remind you that it is not un-Christian to feel anger. Anger is a very real emotion that God gave us.

We have to be angry about things such as injustice, inequality, poverty, crime and persecution. What we don’t want to do in our anger, is sin. We don’t want to use our anger to withhold grace from others; but we should use our anger to fuel change.

Sometimes fuelling change requires turning over the tables (metaphorically oh😅) like Jesus did. Turning over the tables in our present day looks like bringing attention to the issue, and generating solutions.

Finally, some of us may be in situations where we cannot hold the other person accountable. In those situations you must pray, and ask the Lord Himself to hold them accountable.

Sometimes that will look like one of David’s ‘fire-bullet’ Prayers in the Psalms. Because guess what, it is okay to pray when you are angry. And yes, your words may not sound as graceful as they usually do but you are speaking to your Heavenly Father who understands the very emotions that you are so desperate to suppress. Talk to Him in whatever language you are able to use. He understands.

Ref: Ephesians 4:26, Mark 11:15–18, Psalm 55 and Matthew 16:23.

Love, K x

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness does not negate accountability

  1. I did your devo on “The Psychology of Forgiveness” that is how I found you. Let’s just say I’m a “Hot Mess Express”. You have driven me into deep study, prayer, writing and thought. I was raised by a narcissist who was done with me when my Daddy died when I was 14yrs. old. “My job” after that was to care for my baby brother of 9yrs old. Being a Preacher’s kid, yes, you read that right, I struggled for 40 yrs between… “Honour Thy Father and MOTHER” and but I hate you. I am coming out of a two year break. My husband and I moved, changed phone numbers, and got a new car. There is much more to the story. But, Thank you! And Thank Yahweh for leading me to find you!

    1. God Bless you sis. I am glad that you were encouraged by the devotional. We ultimately thank our Great God for the counsel of His word. I pray His strength and comfort upon you, as you courageously fulfil His command to forgive, even when it hurts and when we remember. Lots of love, Kanayo xx

  2. I found you devotional I am in process of divorce I am having such a hard time forgiving my husband is making up lies and punishing me financially I are really struggling with forgiveness I pray everyday I don’t want to bitter but it’s so hard to let go while in the mist of the divorce my emotions are you and down

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