Skin Care Routine – Post Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Here is my highly requested skin care routine post-SJS!

Stevens-Johnson syndrome really dealt with my body internally and externally. Watch my testimony here. My face was ruined. I looked like a horror story gone wrong…but God! I prayed a specific prayer point personalising the scripture in Job 33:25.

“Then her skin will be renewed, as smooth and fresh as a child’s, and she will be restored to the vim and vigor of her youth.” — The Voice translation

Job 33:25

I am someone who prays about everything and anything, including my skin! Prayerlessness is a sign of arrogance and self-sufficiency. For me, there is no skin-care routine without prayer. I encourage you to pray and ask God for wisdom concerning your routine.

I used to be a facial products hoarder. I would buy and use anything that claimed to be a magic fix . I was desperate for my face to get back to ‘normal’. I was desperate for these beautiful scars of victory to disappear with speed.

While the scars are fading to the glory of God, I say all this to stress the importance of keeping your routine simple, especially if your skin has experienced severe trauma! Learn about your skin, what it likes and what it doesn’t. Keep a skin diary when using new products so that you know how your face reacts to the product.

Press your GP/Doctor to refer you to a dermatologist and if you are black, you need to press harder (hopefully things will change soon – sign these petitions if you haven’t already). My dermatologist is an angel sent from the Lord. She is Asian and cared for my skin while I was in hospital with burn-like damage on my face and body, and she continues to look after my skin as an outpatient with her expertise and wisdom.

Okay, into my most basic skin care routine:

Morning face wash: Wash with Cetaphil oily skin cleanser OR Eucerin anti-blemish oil control face wash

Morning face cream (no makeup): Cetaphil hydrating moisturiser AND Sunscreen (I use Cetaphil SPF 50 sunscreen OR La Roche Posay Shaka Fluid) applied sparingly with focus on darker regions/spots

Morning face cream (with makeup): Vitamin C serum by @skinwoof AND La Roche Posay SPF 50 applied to darker regions/spots. •


Evening face wash: Wash with Cetaphil oily skin wash OR Eucerin anti-blemish oil control face wash
Evening face cream: Cetaphil Night cream

I exfoliate once a week. I use Biore charcoal rose quartz exfoliator 🙂

prescribed creams and medication (please speak to your doctor/gp)

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