Hi! I’m Kanayochukwu aka Kanayo. I’m a Christian, British Nigerian, award winning senior leader in education as well as a teacher of Psychology (University of Surrey and IOE, UCL Alumnus). More about my role in education can be found here.

Having a psychology degree provides me with a broad scope to experience many industries and fields of work. Although, my main aim is to continuously learn and also to share my knowledge and experience with others, within and beyond the constraints of the psychology community. Hence my pursuit to teach!

Hopefully, the readers of my posts will find that it is infested with a scope of psychological knowledge, with the intention of conveying psychology in such a way that it is interesting and understandable to those who aren’t studying it as a discipline.

In addition, you will find that I heavily cover various topics aside from psychology such as Christianity because I am a Christian. I draw both passions together, Psychology and Christianity, observing how they complement and sometimes clash! This blog is where ‘Psychology meets Scripture’.

As well as teaching Psychology, I know God has called me to do something far greater in this world. My passion is for His Word and to encourage others to read the Bible, fall in love with it, but most importantly…fall in love with The Author! My role in teaching is not limited to psychology. I strongly believe God is stirring up the ‘teacher’ office of the Fivefold ministry in me.

I’m a doctor by virtue, healing and performing heart surgery with words of encouragement

I have come to realise that God is a God not limited by time or technology, so He will use every and any platform possible to let His name and glory be known to many.

I am honoured and humbled that He saved me and chose me to be a vessel for His use. I need all those who are encouraged and inspired by my life, achievements, posts, devotionals, whatever it may be…I need you to understand that these things are nothing without God.

I am nothing without God. Please don’t be swayed by follower counts, retweets, likes etc. these do not validate who I am or my purpose. If people’s opinions validated my purpose, I would not have continued writing my devotionals (the Bible Challenges) when I had 4 people doing it, to now having over half a million readers. But God’s approval is what I needed. God’s well done, is what I desired. God’s ‘likes’ and retweets are what I needed. 

I started from ZERO and I can never claim to have ‘landed’, ‘arrived’ or attained all that God has purposed for me. I am still being pruned, transformed and enjoying every moment. So please, do not look at me or my works as perfect, don’t desire my life. Desire God…He is the ONLY sustainable source.

I am extremely driven and passionate about getting everyone; both Christians and non-Christians to read, understand and live out the word of God. To achieve this, I have written devotionals, all accessible via www.doctorkanayo.com and the YouVersion Bible App where over 600,000 people have read my devotionals around the world. One devotional at a time, I aim to change the skewed perceptions of the Bible being irrelevant and to show the true reality that the bible is ‘juicy’, tremendously relevant, fun and easy to read. My one prayer is that my teachings and writings from His word will touch at least ONE person. That would be a serious mission accomplished to the glory of God!

Finally, I am an advocate for the ‘patient voice’ following my experience with systemic racism during my period of ill-health with Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS). As featured on ITV, Elle Magazine, and as an International Guest Lecturer for Medical Schools, I use my background as a speaker and SJS survivor to contribute to knowledge about the presentation of diseases in individuals with African ancestry and other ethnic groups. I encourage patients to acquire the appropriate language and practical skills to effectively advocate for their health and actively collaborate with clinicians to ensure that holistic care remains the goal in all clinical settings. 

I am the Unwavering Optimist. Resilient Beyond Reason. Uncommon Leader.

God bless you!