I’m a worship leader, I’ve written songs and spoken word pieces! I’d like to think that God has blessed me with the talent of singing in tune haha! So my main aim is to use this voice for His glory.

Our talents and special abilities belong to God. ‘We own nothing that was not first given to us!

God has entrusted us with aptitudes and abilities, and as good stewards, we must use them for his glory and not for our own. This is true not only of musical, artistic, athletic, academic, business, and persuasive talents but also of the spiritual gifts we have/hope to receive. Everything about my life ought to be a praise onto God…why not start with my voice and my hands (to write).


I hope you all enjoy a few of my songs and spoken word tracks below via Soundcloud and YouTube below!
EP coming soon!
Like A Flood (Surround Me) – Sung Live at my EP launch in December 2019

Spoken word pieces in collaboration with Manley O’Conner

5 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. Kanayo indeed , I thank God for your life and for coming across your blog. You’ve really inspired me and encouraged me to press on with my goals. I am also a psychology undergraduate students whose aim is to bring scripture and psychology together by focusing on young people facing challenges with bad mental health. You’ve encouraged me in so many ways, indeed with God all things are possible and we have to work hard in order to achieve our goals.
    I am also a songwriter, writer and singer wow!!! We bless God…may God use you mighlty and His glory be seen in your life.

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