Bitten In The Lion’s Den… (Video)

It was a beautiful privilege to share God’s word with my church; using the same mouth that was once full of sores and ulcerations to testify of God’s goodness.

We are currently in a series on Daniel and I shared on Daniel chapter 6 where he is thrown into the lion’s den for his defiant worship of the true God. I dealt with questions such as what happens when you’re thrown into the lion’s den but you get bitten? Why does God allow for the lions den episode to happen? Will you be defiant in your faith?

Enjoy my brief testimony on how I overcame Stevens-Johnson syndrome. I have so much more to share on God’s goodness but I will leave that for my EP launch/Thanksgiving worship night! Get your tickets via 💛

Audio of my sermon on Daniel 6 and my testimony in full. (Apologies for the paper ruffling noises!)

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