Daddy Issues – Candid Conversation

This post is a debrief for those who watched or missed the 'instalive' with the one and only Rev Wonu, founder and leader of Eleuthera Ministry on the topic: Daddy Issues! You can watch the replay via YouTube (videos are embedded at the end of this post). Daddy issues; issues that stem from the physical … Continue reading Daddy Issues – Candid Conversation

Grace yourself

We use and hear the phrase ‘brace yourself’ which is said to have evolved from the verb form of ‘brace’: “To make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support". ‘Brace’ then evolved to "brace yourself" which translates to doing something physically to keep yourself from falling over or being … Continue reading Grace yourself

The Case of The Ex

Some of us are still dating our past life and romancing the feeling of bitterness when we remember our past hurts.It's easy to become bitter when we feel that we've been wronged by someone - whether it was an ex-boyfriend who belittled you, a friend who misused your trust or a parent who wasn’t there.        … Continue reading The Case of The Ex

#RuthChallenge Thank You and #EstherChallenge on YouVersion Coming Soon! Just a video to say thank you al those that have gotten involved in the Bible Challenges and to encourage you stay in The Word. The Esther Challenge will be on the YouVersion bible app soon. As Jonah & Ruth are already there. All other challenges can be found on my blog, including the … Continue reading #RuthChallenge Thank You and #EstherChallenge on YouVersion Coming Soon!

Kanayo on Heart Of Praise Radio #RealTalk with @BenChemchem 11.02.14

A message from Ben (@BenChemchem): YES WE ARE BACK!!!! Guys tune into 'REAL TALK' SEASON 2!!! 7pm Tuesday 11th February with your host MrChemchem Guest artist my very own Kanayo formally known as 'doctor Kanayo' Tune in for an exciting interview where we get to the bottom of who the gospel sensation is, as both a … Continue reading Kanayo on Heart Of Praise Radio #RealTalk with @BenChemchem 11.02.14

Live, Eat & Heat – Beijing 2013

Ni Hao! Looool.  Day 2 in Beijing and I feel like I have been here for much longer. The people are lovely and the other interns are really cool. There are 107 interns from all over the world doing an internship (for the July intake) within various industries/sectors in Beijing. My housemates are Louisa from … Continue reading Live, Eat & Heat – Beijing 2013

Praise Will Not Replace Your Prayer

I'm one of those people who have always said that I prefer praise and worship to praying for long periods of time. Now I battle about the etiology of my preference; is it because I can sing OR, is it because of my cultural background and how I have been exposed to prayer. To be honest, … Continue reading Praise Will Not Replace Your Prayer

Are you a student or just an ‘economic unit’?

A poem that the archbishop of Southwark 'Peter Smith' read really touched me during my ex-college's 25th anniversary mass, so I thought I ought to share it. He also spoke about education and how it has moved away from its true purpose. In this modern day we students are seen as economical units, to be … Continue reading Are you a student or just an ‘economic unit’?