Beauty In HIS Pain – #BeautyInTheBeast

Scripture to read: Isaiah 53

This testimony points to Jesus.

No matter what the healing process looks like, I trust that because of His finished work on the cross, that this too has an end.

There is Healing in His wounds!

There is unfathomable Beauty In His Pain before any Beauty In The Beast of human pain.

I desired to have communion at my hospital bedside and God literally heard my heart. He confirmed this desire through friends who said ‘Kay, I encourage you to take communion’ and through my aunty Toyin who visited me and brought pre-packaged communion hosts without me uttering a word about my secret desire to them!

His body was broken that I may live.
His blood was shed that I may live.
‘By His stripes I am healed’ — Isaiah 53:5


If you do not know Jesus or have wandered away from the Christian faith. I want you to know that there is a God who does not desire sacrifices and efforts on our part in order to meet with Him. He sent His son Jesus, God in the flesh, to meet with us and to bridge the gap that our sin and rebellion created; through His stretched arms on that cross.

The mystery of this love is too weighty for some, but I pray that God opens your heart to see and experience His love like never before.

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First comes the Fire and then the Gold. There is Beauty In The Beast.

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Beauty In His Pain #BeautyInTheBeast

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