Psalm 23 – Teachers Edition

I had so much fun and peace writing this after the Psalm Writing Course by Debbie Akinkunle😍. I am looking forward to printing this and putting it on my classroom door when we ‘safely’ return to school.

Teachers be encouraged, your work during this time is valued and does not go unnoticed by the Lord. We haven’t stopped teaching he and we haven’t stopped learning new ways to engage those that The Lord has entrusted into our care.

Feel free to save the photo below and share. I have also made it downloadable as a PDF for the best printing. Tell a fellow teacher to have it ready for their classrooms when we return to work!

The development of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in People of Colour: A Case Study Lecture for SNMA, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

This week I was a Guest Lecturer for the medical students at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in New Mexico, USA. In this lecture, I share on the visual presentation of Stevens-Johnson (SJS) in people of colour – using myself as a Case Study. In addition, I share my disheartening experience of systemic racism in health care due to the lack of representation of Black and Ethnic groups in medical education curricular. The session ended with a brilliant question, answer and comment session.

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Skin Care Routine – Post Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Here is my highly requested skin care routine post-SJS! Stevens-Johnson syndrome really dealt with my body internally and externally. Watch my testimony here. My face was ruined. I looked like a horror story gone wrong…but God! I prayed a specific prayer point personalising the scripture in Job 33:25. “Then her skin will be renewed, as … Continue reading Skin Care Routine – Post Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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