Why ‘When they see us’ won’t see me…

You watch the series/show/film, the traumatic event has ended, but your reaction to it has not. The intrusion of what we absorb via the media subconsciously invades our everyday lives, our identity, the way we see ourselves and the way we view others. It directs our decisions without knowing and becomes a veil over every experience from then onwards. 

FAQ: How to create a journal?

I am often asked how I created my journals. Not the actual content, but how I design, print and share everything. It's reached the point where writing out the same response without 'saving it' has taken its toll and my flesh would love to shout 'ASK GOOGLE' to the next person who asks me how I … Continue reading FAQ: How to create a journal?

What really completes you?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzMquqRBJFQ At Esther Jacob's book launch, I explored the topic of completion with her delegates. The teacher in me could not resist a delegate-led sermon/session. Enjoy and be blessed by the wealth of wisdom captured on from that day. Thank you to Tosan for filming and to Esther for inviting me to speak. You can … Continue reading What really completes you?

Devotional Journals Easter Sale

Perfect Peace and The Secret Place devotional journals £8 + postage and packaging each, until Tuesday 18th April 2017. Order yours via Amazon, using the links below. (Regular price is £10+pp, so enjoy the 20% off during this Holy Week of Easter 2017) Perfect Peace Devotional Journal (Purchase here) The Secret Place Devotional Journal (Purchase … Continue reading Devotional Journals Easter Sale

Tulips & Perfect Love

Last month, I had so much fun at a photoshoot with Tobi, of iFocus photography. We took the photos at the popular Greenwich Park, in what I call British Spring aka freezing. However, Tobi managed to draw out warmth via her skilled photography and we both managed to hold back the cold shivers. Tobi was so understanding of my … Continue reading Tulips & Perfect Love

Women of Rubies | My Interview @WomenOfRubies

I was blessed to have the incredible organisation based in Nigeria, Women of Rubies interview me earlier this year. It is encouraging to see a rise in the number of organisations set to empower women, especially back home! In the interview, I gave a little insight into who I am. I also shared how my … Continue reading Women of Rubies | My Interview @WomenOfRubies

‘Women for Africa’ Finalist | @Women4Africa

I have been nominated and selected as a finalist in the Young Achiever category of the ‘Women for Africa’ awards. It is safe to say that I was shocked and honoured by the nomination and I still don't know who nominated me *covers face*. Pleaseeeee can whoever nominated me make themselves known so that I can express my gratitude personally.

Christmas Outreach 2015 – Serving the Homeless with CRISIS

Hey everyone! We are approaching that wonderful time of the year again where we remember the manifestation of our redemption, Jesus. 'And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.' … Continue reading Christmas Outreach 2015 – Serving the Homeless with CRISIS