‘Why Worry?’ – Devotional on YouVersion

It was an incredible honour to partner with my sister Ruth Oladeru on this devotional titled 'Why Worry? Here we explore the origin of worry and how to address it by drawing upon scripture and psychology. This 6-day devotional is available on YouVersion. In this devotional we define what worry is, discuss ways to overcome … Continue reading ‘Why Worry?’ – Devotional on YouVersion

I trust Him with 2016

What a turbulent year 2015 has been for me. I’ve had an abundance of joy and moments of sorrow. I’ve been spiritually weak and I’ve been spiritually strong. I’ve been rejected and I’ve been accepted. I’ve let myself down and I’ve made myself proud. I’ve let God down and I’ve made Him smile on me. … Continue reading I trust Him with 2016

Burning Alive

Picture what a living sacrifice would look like, probably not still or conscious. But constantly wriggling and squirming on the alter. Maybe the problem with living sacrifices or even being a living sacrifice is that we keep jumping off the alter. Sometimes I leap down shocked that God has really ignited that fire, knowing fully … Continue reading Burning Alive