Sponsorship & Collaboration Request (JTAM)

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As a keen supporter of you, your organisation/company; I congratulate you for your success thus far.

Please spare me a moment by reviewing my details and request for your support below:

My name is Kanayo Dike-Oduah. I am an educator whose experience ranges from being a Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of Psychology and Lead Practitioner. I am a Christian creative/influencer with a website (doctorkanayo.com) that has 200,000+ hits annually and an author of devotionals read all over the world by over half a million people. Finally, I am an academic and currently a doctoral candidate at UCL, Institute of Education; the World’s Number 1 university for education, where I also completed my Masters in Educational Assessment and initial teacher education (PGCE). I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Surrey.

On 25th August 2019, a few days after my 26th birthday (22nd August 2019) I fell ill. I suffered multiple misdiagnoses due to the lack of cultural competence training within the NHS for accurately diagnosing several diseases in people of colour. It was on 29th August 2019, when I had to be resuscitated that I was finally diagnosed with a ‘1-in-3 mortality rate’ serious illness called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS).

This rare serious syndrome was destroying my body from the inside out and it was all due to medication which I was prescribed for nerve pain following my wisdom tooth extraction. My face disintegrated in a matter of days, my vision had reduced to 30%, I could not eat or even swallow my own saliva, I could barely stand or use my hands. I was at deaths door as the lining of my organs were damaged due to this syndrome.

By the mercy of God I am alive and recovering at a record pace to the amazement of the medical staff who care for me. Before I was diagnosed, I had planned to start my doctorate in education and was able to push through this sickness to register for my doctoral studies at UCL, which again marvelled my lecturers and colleagues. I was even elected as academic rep and found my face on posters around this prestigious institution, promoting their courses and so on.

Upon request I can share the PDF which I created for my consultant dermatologist to use in her teaching of SJS. This is to ensure that the multiple misdiagnoses which I suffered from and quite literally almost killed me, is one that no other person of colour has to suffer due to lack of awareness or training.

Accompanying this, is my testimony devotional account of my experience with SJS. This rare serious illness not only affected me physically but also emotionally and mentally. Being a Christian Psychologist one of the ways that helped me process this traumatic experience is through writing and sharing with my community. Downloads my written devotional using the button below.

On 7th December 2019, I will be having an event in London to celebrate and give thanks for my recovery. This thanksgiving event will incorporate the release of my six-song EP, Journaling To A Melody; raise awareness about Stevens-Johnson syndrome and the need for greater support, teaching and research in correctly diagnosing people of colour; and finally be a time of community and shared thanksgiving through song and creative items.

I intend to have 300 guests on 7th December from all areas including, medical professionals, civil servants, students, people of all faith backgrounds, creatives and so on.

The event is not-for-profit and so we have made the EP Launch Thanksgiving Night as accessible as possible in terms of ticket pricing; while covering the mountain of costs and maintaining excellence with an event of this kind.

I would highly appreciate your support in any of the ways listed below:

• Collaboration feature – I would love to promote your products to my followers (20,000+ on my website doctorkanayo.com; 18,000+ on Twitter @doctorkanayo; 8,500+ on Instagram @doctorkanayo) in exchange for samples of your product to include in goodie bags for my guests.

• Vouchers for your products to share with my guest

• Exhibitors stand – Come down to the event and share your products with my guests.

• Financial sponsorship – Sponsor the event financially and receive a dedicated sponsors page on my website, doctorkanayo.com; as well sponsorship mentions across all social medial platforms and flyers/presentations on the night.

• Attendance – Simply come to the event!

• Promotion – Simply promote the event to your network.

• Health and wellbeing products – as you can see from the images my face underwent severe trauma, your support through wellbeing, health and beauty products would be most welcome in exchange for promotion on my social media platforms.

The methods mentioned above for providing your support are not exhaustive. If there are alternative ways in which you can support me, please do respond. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Miss Kanayo Dike-Oduah

BSc, PGCE, QTLS, MA, Doctoral Candidate (EdD Year 1).