You’re invited for a buffet…FREE FOOD!

19 Jul

Don’t you love food? Isn’t it even better when it’s free and tastes real good!? I love food and I get hungry like every 5 minutes lol. 

When you’re hungry it’s only right that you deal with that hunger lest your stomach embarrasses you with growling or even worse you get ill. This is in the physical. We’re very quick to draw for that correct portion of rice and stew with assorted meat, coupled with water or Supermalt to quench our thirst and our body is satisfied. 
But what about our Spirit-man? You know the spirit given to us by God, living inside our vessels. What do we do when the Spirit-man is hungry? Does He get hungry at all? 
The Spirit-man is ALWAYS hungry but oftentimes you and I don’t realise it because we’re satisfied with where we are at in our walk with Christ. We think that we’ve landed, we’ve arrived and that this is the peak. How wrong are we! 
You know how I said our stomach embarrasses us when we get too hungry or we get sick when we fail to deal with our hunger or thirst.  What do you think happens in the spiritual when we don’t deal with our hunger for God or aren’t even hungry for Him at all? You get sick with a disease I call; ‘desensitisation and dehydration’. The former causes you to become so accustomed to your present position and desensitised to God’s desire to see you fulfill His purpose for you in FULL! The latter causes life’s problems to DEHYDRATE you, when you aren’t drawing from the Living Water provided by Jesus. (John 4:14)

The enemy has tapped into this area for many believers. He will make you feel content with where you are, to stop you from aspiring and striving to get to where God wants you to be. Now you might be reading this feeling like that zeal you once had has gone and asking, how do I get hungry in my Spirit again? 
Hunger comes when you realise the magnitude of what you can have IN God. At a buffet when you know there is more food, there is always hunger and a desire for more even when you think you’re full up! It’s the same with God, know that there is more and desire for more. You can never be too full when it comes to God. Stop being satisfied with mediocrity or a relationship with God that only exists on Sundays, strive for more! (Hebrews 6:1-2)

Hunger comes when you stop filling up on rubbish. Stop looking for other things, distractions, and worldly pleasures to fill the hole that only God can fill. We become so full of this ‘extra’ junk that we lose our hunger for God. In the physical when we eat too much junk we clog up our arteries, it’s the same in the spiritual. When you fill yourself up with the junk of the world, you clog up the passage and give little or no room for your spiritual food to pass through, be absorbed and digested.
After a serious workout at the gym what is the one thing that most of us like to do? EAT! Hunger comes when you exercise.  To exercise means to work, apply, use, keep fit. Are you exercising our Spirit? Do you do things that cause the Spirit-Man in you to workout…are you labouring and sweating for God’s Kingdom? When you exercise in God’s Kingdom, you will be HUNGRY for more of Him; because that is the only way you will get the strength that you need to continue.
So , are you ready to have that buffet in the Spirit? If you are then remember these three things:

  • There is always more to have in God. You can never be too full, because even when your cup is ‘full’, God wants it to OVERFLOW! (Psalm 23:5)
  • Get rid of the junk food and make room for The Living Word and Bread of Life…Jesus.
  • Exercise your faith, work for God’s Kingdom…you’ll definitely be hungry after that workout!
— Kanayo Dike-Oduah
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12 Jul

If you love me…pray for me.

Prayer is a great act of love because it places another’s needs above our own.  Prayer goes beyond the physical as it recognises that there are spiritual needs that can only be met through prayer.Praying for others actually sows a seed in someone else’s life and your prayer for others can ignite your own breakthrough because whenever you sow a seed you always reap a harvest in return. So you can sow a good seed and reap positive, godly results or, sow a bad, evil seed and reap havoc and confusion.
Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. - Galatians 6:7
A great example is in the book of Job. Remember how Satan was given permission to test Job which resulted in Him losing everything he had? Job was ruined and even his wife told him to “curse God and die” as she blamed His predicament on God when it really was the Devil. Job remained faithful, He was humble to the point of blaming Himself and then scripture went on to give the key that unlocked Job’s deliverance, as He received double for all that He lost.  
And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. – Job 42:10
Isn’t that incredible! In the midst of His own trial Job prayed for His friends and this selfless act moved God to bring about his breakthrough. I don’t know about you, but this challenges me to pray for others even when I’m going through my own struggle. When you love God, you love people and it is paramount that you love them with prayer.
I’d like to encourage you to pray for others’ needs today.
It could be a family member who is in need of salvation or healing.  Maybe you have a friend in need of encouragement. Pray for your church leaders and world leaders. Pray for that child or teenager. Pray for your colleagues. Pray for your community and your neighbours. Pray for your teachers/lecturers. Pray for me! Pray that whatever their needs may be, God will work it all out on their behalf. Won’t He do it?!Yes He Will. 

Today ask your friends, family, even social media groups if they have any prayer requests. Share the image above and hashtag #LoveMeWithPrayer if you want, but most importantly…PRAY for them. Be a part of the praying revolution.

— Kanayo 
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Faith Or Feelings?

1 Jul

As a believer, it’s important to walk by faith and not feelings. Make decisions based on the unchanging wisdom of God’s word and not our inconsistent feelings.

Think about it, if we were all led by how we ‘felt’ at any given moment, nothing would ever get done.

You may not feel like getting up and going to work every day during the week, but you do it anyway. You may not feel like studying, but you do it anyway…if you don’t then the consequences are obvious. If you have children or younger siblings/cousins, you may not feel like cooking for them, but you do it anyway.

As a single, you may feel so lonely, or so tired of not having a boo that one day you ‘feel’ like calling your ex and giving them another chance…when you know that the reason the relationship failed was unfavourable. Or, as someone in a pre-marital relationship, you may ‘feel’ like you want to get to the final base with your partner, its natural right, ‘body no be firewood’ lool. But you DON’T because you can’t afford to sacrifice your purity, your testimony or your partner’s purity and testimony just because you feel some type of way.

Feelings are fickle. One minute we feel one way, the next minute we feel another.

Feelings change, but we must be grateful that we serve a constant God.

God will never feel a certain way about you one day then feel a different way about you the next. God’s love is consistent, unconditional and is not based on how He feels, but on what He knows to be true about you. In the same way, it is important for you as a Christian, not to be led solely by your feelings when it comes to relationships, careers choices and your own individual path. Don’t make a decision without consulting your Heavenly Father and then try to tag Him to it after. I always say; God is not obligated to anoint what He did not initiate or have a say in! Bring Him in the decision making process, make Him the centre…always think, how will this bring glory to God?

Be led by God, be led by what He says about you and what He says about life in His Word. Whenever you feel a certain way which is contrary to God’s Word, that is the time for you to prevent your mind from acting upon how you feel and start operating in what you believe, which is God and His Word. The flesh wants what it wants, but you have to exercise Self-Control over the behavioural consequences your feelings.

As you read God’s word…which I know you do or will be doing every day after you read this *hint hint*, you will realise your worth in Him, you will understand what He says about you and strive to do what pleases Him.Being engrossed in God’s word makes it easier to walk in His truth and standards by faith and not feelings in every situation. For we walk by faith, not by sight, 2 Corinthians 5:7.
— Sister Kanayo
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Event This Week

Enduring In Christ- 5th July

More Information Here

Upcoming Gospel Events in May, June & July

25 Jun


 I’ll be speaking at this event along with two other great ministers, one being my Spiritual Leader and Uncle Edward Agyeman (we’re not really related lool).
Date: 5th July 2014
Time: 4:30-8pm
Venue: Praise House, 145-151 London Road, West Croydon, CR0 2RG
This will be an awesome opportunity for believers to come together and understand how to endure in this Walk with Christ. My workshop and talk will offer a practical guide for the young Christian on how to stay rooted despite the world’s pulling to conform and despite our own personal struggles. As always, I will be transparent and praying for God’s grace to use me to touch those listening.
I’d absolutely love to see you there – for my brothers and sisters away from the UK, London, I will record it and share with you too as you’ve requested! God bless you and see you on the 5th!
Christian Singles Social & Professional  Networking event tagged “WHEN SINGLES MEET” that Adesoji’s Radio talk show “BEFORE I DO” team are hosting on Sunday July 13th. Advance Ticket is £20, and £30 @ the door. Tickets are running out fast… get yours today. Check the link below for detailed information or call 07507658575 | 07930322194. Blessings!
singles 1
Saturday 24th May
9am – 4.30pm
Love in Action will be a day where Christians who hunger for more of Christ and have a desire to be active in their day-to-day walk with Him will come together for praise, worship, prayer and open, candid fellowship.
We are God’s ambassadors. Everywhere we go, we should show God’s love and light. How do we interact with the people around us? What are our attitudes like? Are we loving, smile, warm towards people?
liaThis is not a conference! Let’s take things back to basics. Face to face fellowship. Life is about building relationships, making friends, showing love. Encouraging sisterhood/brotherhood. As the body of Christ it’s about time that we rise up and claim the victory that God has placed before us. How will we step into this victory and see our friends, co-workers, neighbours and families come to know Christ? Simple – by showing them the love of God and showing them how Jesus has changed our lives and how this change spills out into everything we do.
It’s time for us to develop and grow into all that God has birthed us to be. We are born of God. So we should be living our lives the way our Heavenly Father has pre-conceived us to live. As people of excellence and as people who know the Truth – Jesus.
Being a witness to God isn’t just about what we say but our actions.
Maybe you are at the beginning of your walk with Christ or maybe you have been walking with Him for some time. No matter what your background – even if you are yet to encounter Jesus, Love in Action is for you.
We will discuss the following topics amongst other things:
How to develop  a relationship with the Father. Know Him, know His heart and know the joys of serving Him
Developing a hunger and thirst after the things of God and not only His hand. Women and men who are worshippers.
If you have any questions please feel free to email
Note: this is a day for men and women within the Church of Jesus Christ
Start date: Monday 19th May 2014 ends Monday 16th June 2014
Facebook Event Page
Borough Studios222 Borough High Street, SE1 1JX London
£25 per Session (£100 for 5 week Session)

photo 1The workshops will cover: 

Techniques on effective breathing whiles singing
How to feel confident on stage and in front of an audience  
Developing a rapport with your audience Coping with the ‘nerves’ and ‘stress’ and much more…
We have a team of Professionals, who are ready to elevate you to your next level!!
So are you ready to SING YOUR HEART OUT?



‘The Sprint Programme’ 

This is a professional development programme for FEMALE undergraduate students or recent graduates (2012/2013) 

The Programme is a fantastic opportunity for female undergraduates of all backgrounds, ages and stages regardless of their subject, department or career aspirations, to take hold of their personal development and achieve their ambitions.
Across 3 action packed days, the programme covers a range of key development topics, with the aim to help you to:

  • sprintUse your personal power and influence
  • Identify your values, attitudes and direction
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Learn how to use assertiveness positively
  • Build your image, networking skills and confidence
  • Engage with inspiring role models and industry professionals
The programme will run from 18th – 20th June 2014 with a final day on 15th August 2014. Time and venue to be confirmed

We only have 30 spaces available and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis

A £25 deposit will be required which is FULLY REFUNDABLE on completion of the programme.

If you are interested in this great opportunity and would like to register for a place or to find out further information, please email us at:

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Living Waters by Susan Deborahs

25 Jun

Susan Deborahs is a young woman full of vibrancy and keenness to inspire and motivate. She stands despite having faced many ordeals, and incorporates those experiences with one of the most fascinating characters in the Bible—the Woman at the well (John 4)—in her latest project, Living Waters. Picture 4“I wanted to make this character as real to others as she has been to me. I was that woman!” Susan delves to the core of the struggles this woman encountered—abuse, insecurities, suicidal thoughts, and so forth—to reveal how one moment with Jesus Christ was able to not only capture her heart, but transform her entire life.

The book focuses on life before this Woman meets Jesus, and thereafter, revealing the power and impact of encounter, thus compelling her into purpose; which is ultimately an intimacy/relationship with her Saviour. Living Waters represents freedom: the letting go of old and comfortable way of thinking and living, so that one will obtain authentic love, hope and peace, through relationship with God. The foundation of knowing who one is begins with knowing who God is.

As well as expanding this eminent account, Living Waters is equipped with devotionals to challenge, galvanise, and propel women to not simply know God, but to individually identify with whom He has called them to be. “I have always wanted to inspire those who never feel inspired.” Living Waters is the first of many books to be released by this courageous author, as Susan is dedicated to imparting God’s continual work in and through her life with others.

All book and author queries can be sent to: 
The book will be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, all the online stores. 
Release date: 30th July 2014


Listen, it’s time for you to forgive the people in your life that hurt you in the past, let’s put gender aside because some of our issues are with people full stop. It’s time for you to let it go and forgive.
Do you want to be free?
Do you want to experience the goodness and love of the father? We need to see God for who He is and only that, we cannot measure Gods love based on experiences we’ve had with human beings The only way the woman in this story (John 4) could embrace Christ was through her making the choice to breakaway from her past, she had to let go, she experienced many hurts and pains but she encountered the love of Christ and found it was greater than her past, she knew she had to pursue Him, for her to fully experience freedom.  - Excerpt Taken from the ‘Reflections’ Devotional.

In this short film Susan reveals many of the struggles she has faced in her life. From dealing with the loss of her mother, at the age of seven, to battling depression and questioning the existence of God in the midst of her process. She shares how she was able to overcome these ordeals, and how they enabled her to finally discover genuine truth and love.

Susan invites us on the personal journey that inspired her new book ‘Living Waters’ and the ‘Freedom Begins’ movement, and explains how both reinforce the calming truth that we have complete freedom in Christ.
Picture 3

Bible Challenge Testimonies

23 Jun

These Bible challenges that I’ve created have allowed me to really understand my purpose. The vision came way back in February 2013. I wanted to study the book of Esther by myself, but something in me – the Holy Spirit, told me to share it and see who else would be interested in studying the book of Esther. Lo and behold so many wanted to join me, going from 10 people to 50 and over 100 in the very first bible challenge. Since then I’ve facilitated more bible challenges.

whyWhen I hear testimonies of how the bible challenges have helped people get into reading the bible again and understanding it! How they’ve now been able to apply the word to their lives and seen major changes, I can only thank God for using me, social media and you all for being part of it!

What if I ignored the non-invasive instruction of the Holy Spirit? How many people would have missed out on really engaging with the word of God? How would I have missed out on learning so much from you all?

The truth is, if I wasn’t obedient to God, He would have easily used someone else, I am not irreplaceable.

why1Our obedience to God is so key. If you don’t want to obey God for yourself, please at least obey him for the people that will benefit from your obedience.

I am extremely driven and passionate about getting everyone; both Christians and non-Christians to read, understand and live out the word of God. These Bible Challenges have enabled me to achieve this, whereby people around the world via social media can study the word together. One Bible Challenge at a time by the grace of God, I aim to change the skewed perceptions of the Bible being irrelevant and to show the true reality that the bible is ‘juicy’, tremendously relevant, fun and easy to read.

Read the testimonies from others below and if you’d like to share a testimony, please share it here!
Find out how to start a Bible Challenge here!

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This Daniel Challenge has made me realise on some areas of my life I need to work on. My faith is quite weak, definitely need to work on it. If Daniel didn’t have faith to believe God will rescue him in the lion’s den and in the fiery furnace, I’m sure he would have been no more.

Bible Challenge Testimony

Bible Challenge Testimony

Daniel allowed God to use Him. He wasn’t selfish with Himself. He knew that in God’s hands, he would be lifted higher. Not only did he allow himself to be used, he also obeyed the commandments. He knew there was only ONE God, he couldn’t share his service with another. How can the creations be greater than the creator?
I can never be a perfect Christian, no matter how hard I try, but I can at least put in the effort to make myself better everyday. God can’t leave you hanging, He is there with you ALWAYS. He never neglected Daniel, so why should He do that to you?

If I should say I haven’t learned anything from the Daniel Challenge, that would be one of the greatest lies I’ve ever told! I thank God I was able to be a part of it. I’m sure that what God has started, He will complete! And to you Kanayo, I pray God continues to use you mightily to do His work and inspire other people out there. This vision to start this is incredible! I pray it won’t stop here. Eager for the next bible challenge. God bless you abundantly! – @Ledo_AN, From the Daniel Challenge


Bible Challenge Testimony

Bible Challenge Testimony

This Bible Challenge has been great. Personally and naturally, I am a very straight-forward and rigid thinker, so when it comes to thinking outside the box or doing things in a different way to ‘my’ way, it can be a bit of a mental challenge. For example, I normally read the Bible from front to back (Gen > Mal, and Matt > Rev, simultaneously)… which is not bad, but it can be very rigid; there might be a situation going on in my life which calls for me to read the book of Jonah for example (lol), but if I was in my routine, I’d normally stick to it and not follow the Holy Spirit’s leading… missing out on a word that would have been ‘seasonal’ for me. This is why I did not take part in the last Bible Challenge – I wanted to in my heart as I knew it would be beneficial, but couldn’t break out of my mindset at the time. I was comfortable in my comfort zone.

Bible Challenge Testimony

Bible Challenge Testimony

But God (partially through you lot) has helped me to think more freely, openly and outside the box (in all aspects of life), which has increased my capacity for learning and also made it more fun. There are things that you guys ‘see’ when reading the Word which I don’t, and maybe vice versa. That is why I found this Bible Challenge so refreshing. 4 chapters, but tons of revys (<< my slang for revelations… don’t mind me). In conclusion, this is a magnificent idea. Social media is powerful as it is, but it’s even more powerful when it is used to glorify God. I will look forward to participating in the next challenge, whenever it is, at the Spirit’s leading. And who knows? Maybe God will use one of us to bring up a new idea for fellowship or something related to it. God Bless – Stephen, @sdotdanso, From the Jonah Challenge


20 Jun

This debut novel by Eniola Prentice was an absolute joy to read. Eniola has a flare for writing in such a way that is relatable to the average reader, you don’t have to be American or a medical student to understand the contents of this novel; I’m British and a Psychology student, so there you go!

still (1)

Find it on Amazon

I was able to identify with the many facets of each protagonist in this book…and there were four of them, so that is a skill. I thoroughly enjoyed how each character had their personal story and struggles, yet their stories were cleverly synthesised and intertwined to form a dramatic yet holistic storyline.

I identified with Ladi’s experience of loss as I was the exact same way when my closest cousin passed away last year. I totally understood Nikky’s desire to have a significant other in her life, especially with the extra pressure from her Nigerian family, but I equally found it hilarious to read how she ran too far with the vision, creating a family in her head, but got ‘friendzoned’ swiftly.

For some reason, I felt for the bad boy, Tayo, who reminded me of a psychological phenomenon ‘Self-fulfilling’ prophesy. Constantly having negative labels placed over you can indeed affect you, but the greatest victory is in one’s ability to defy the label and prove your doubters wrong which He did! However, Eniola kept me desperately wanting to know, chapter after chapter…what did Tayo Smith do to Sola!? Reading about Sola cutting herself and battling with suicide struck a chord with me, I guess it’s to be expected when we have an author who is also a medic. This part was written with such conviction; I longed to understand her pain but couldn’t quite fathom the idea of one self-harming as a way to alleviate emotional pain, despite me being a psychology major.

On a lighter note, being Nigerian myself, I was cracking up at the Nigerian idioms (such as ‘shine your eye’ pg.27) nicely expressed throughout the book. It gave Still a jovial and cultural feel which I loved!

Fullscreen capture 20062014 122200.bmp

Absolutely Hilarious! (pg 80)

I’d like to share a few of my favourite quotes from the Still.

‘In a crisis, you get to know a person’s real character’ – pg. 168

‘When we feel abandoned by God is when he’s most available to us’ pg. 272

‘Sometimes your need for order is a defence mechanism’ – pg. 316

Life sometimes throws us curveballs which God allows’ – pg. 317

When finally read ‘The End’, I was like NO WAY, there has got to be more. Thank God Eniola is working on Still 2!

Things I took from this book:

  • Be real about your struggles and your emotional hurts. I was slyly frustrated at Sola’s lack of transparency with those that were willing to help her. So yeah, Be transparent.
  • God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we expect. He does it in the best way, better than what we’d imagine.
  • Ladies, don’t run too far with the relationship vision so that you don’t get hurt!
  • Sometimes we search for ‘logic’ in a situation that blatantly defies all logic. Look to God!
  • Be still :) <3

Find out more about Eniola Prentice via her blog!

My UK readers, find Still by Eniola Prentice on Amazon! Likewise with those using

Special thanks to Eniola for sending me the book!

Check out my full reading list with some recommended books for you!

With love from Sister Kay


Testimonies from Newsletter

18 Jun
I’ve added this section to my blog as I receive an influx of incredible testimonies from those that have been blessed and touched by the ministry God has given me. One thing about testimonies, is that they are not just for the person who went through the ‘test’. Your testimony, when shared, encourages others that they too can come out on the other side of their trial, renewed and stronger!
God bless everyone that has shared their testimony. It actually takes a lot of courage to be transparent with your fellow brothers and sisters…God will honour you for that. The key scripture as the foundation of what this post is about can be found in Revelation 12:11.
‘They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony!
Don’t be silent about what God has done for you. Walk in your freedom and speak out!
If you have a testimony to share, please submit it HERE and read others’ below.
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photo 1 (1)Hi Kanayo, I wasn’t sure how to get in contact with you, as I couldn’t find your email address so I thought I’d share what I would like to share with you here.
I would just like to say, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ‘WHERE IS YOUR HONOUR’ POST. I genuinely would like to thank God for your life, because your ministry is touching, encouraging and delivering people in such a great way. I pray that God will continue to use you, use you like never before and take you to deeper heights in doing his work.

God is so amazing, he’s sovereign and he’s always on time. He always speaks to us or uses someone else to speak to us at a time when we need it most.
Just like you, I was brought up in a single parent home, for most of my life I was away from my father up until the age of 15. A year after developing a great relationship with my father, he passed away.
photo 3For years I battled with pain and hurt and always wondered why me? Why couldn’t I relate to the conventional ‘Daddy’s Girl’ dream. It wasn’t until I really took everything before God, was honest with my pain and poured out my heart that God began to work with my broken state.
What really stood out to me from your email was that, until you understand God’s word and promises it’s a battle to be made whole.
Until I really realised that, God works everything out for our good, God did not promise a life without pain, struggles or hardships but he did promise to give us the strength to get through them and that he will never leave us or forsake us, I couldn’t move on. The fact that I’m able to smile and move on is a testimony in itself.
Sorry for the essay! You may be wondering why is the girl pouring out her heart? I’m actually asking the same question myself lol as I don’t usually do this, but I just felt to share with you how your ministry is blessing people.
Thank you once again lovely!!! Keep allowing God to be the potter whilst you are the clay.
Shenelle, Sister S – In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Wow, Kanayo..I’m actually in tears right now.
photo 4 (2)I can’t say I’ve gone through what you’ve gone through, but my experience comes pretty close. And knowing that God is greater than what happened brings me soo much peace. Knowing that He can heal my broken heart is the greatest feeling ever. 
It was your video about reading my Bible that brought me close and is still bringing me close to God. It wasn’t until right now that I read your email that I realised how hurt I am inside, and that I need to stop pretending like I’m perfectly ok, walking around with a false smile. I realise that I have a living hope in the Lord our God and that He is greater than every blemish in my life. That is because of you, Kanayo.
 I thank God for your life. I thank you for what you have done in my life,
May He continue to bless you xx
Sister Y – In Response to my ‘What Blemishes Do You Have?’ Newsletter


God bless you for this, brought me to tears, and thank you for being transparent helping other ladies to come out of hiding. 
- Sister M – In Response to my ‘What Blemishes Do You Have?’ Newsletter

photo 2 (1)Hey love. Just read your latest newsletter. I was so annoyed whilst reading it ‘like Kanayo go away’. My mother and I dont have a relationship but only negative feelings towards eachother and graduation has been great but also hard because I need to move out and find somewhere to live. Anyway, reading your message has reminded me of the Importance of honouring and respecting her even if I do not want anything to do with her in terms of building a close relationship. Thank you for the message girl xx
-Sister J – In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Hi Kanayo,
photo 1 (2)I just wanted to thank you and most importantly God for using you do to these newsletters as they have truly uplifted me or given me clarity in times of need. I especially have a testimony about the fathers day honours one as forgiving my father for not being consistent in my life is something i always struggled with as i had blamed him for alot of my issues towards men and love etc but as i read that before i went to bed i was being rebellious towards the voice of God who was telling me to call my dad and say happy fathers day but i didn’t feel he ‘deserved it’ but i really didn’t wanna think like that anymore and i wanted to just have a normal relationship and let go of all the bitterness.
photo 4 (3).PNGYou reminded me that I do what i do not because it pleases me but because God commanded me to do so. So i fought my flesh and told God this was for him and pressed dial and we actually had a great convo ! I know its definitely the beginning of our new chapter and i know just by that small obedience that burden i had carried for years was finally lifted and God is healing me, love conquers all !
Thank you xS.Brown, In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Hi Kanayo,
Thank you very much for your newsletters which I always look forward to reading and thank you for allowing God to use you. Your last newsletter which included your spoken word piece ‘Look at me’ was amazing and it inspired me to write a spoken word piece too. Before, I always thought it wasn’t my thing but when the Holy Spirit works through you it’s amazing what can happen. So I thought I should share with you.
Thank you Father, from your daughter Sandra

Who am I, that you had to die for me?
Who am I, that you pour out your unconditional love continually like a river.
Who am I that you erased my sins.
Complete colour change.
Dark to light, red to white.

I was worthless but you made me worthy.
I was hopeless but you made me hopeful.
I was broken but you made whole.
I was weak but you made me strong.
What a beautiful exchange.

10262136_813852098632426_143675581193675322_nI am your precious daughter.
I am your servant but you call me friend.
I am anointed because you chose me.
I am your representative but yet you show yourself through countless miracles in my life.
I am fearfully & wonderfully made by the master Himself!
I am no long the owner of my life/ body in fact I never was.
I am made perfect because you are perfect.

So thank you, Jesus, my first love, my Father and my best friend.
For you saw the best, when I saw the worst.
You saw good, when I saw bad.
The human mind cannot comprehend your greatness.
My mouth cannot give you enough praise.
But the least I can do to show my gratitude is to offer myself unto you.

Sister Sandra

All 4 Gospel – VOXAfrica’s latest Entertainment Gospel Show

18 Jun
10501593_576763409111816_8013578644437420284_nDon’t miss African gospel sensation Cwesi Oteng on the ALL 4 GOSPEL show this Sunday 6th July 2014 at 6.30 PM Only on Voxafrica.
Sky 218, Dstv 191

It’s been a while but the ALL 4 GOSPEL show is back LOUDER than ever at this year’s University Gospel Choir of the Year (UGCY).
We have Mobo award winner Rachel Kerr, appearances from Muyiwa, Divine Impact, Volney Morgan and more
We have 8 choirs, 4 judges but there could only be 1 winner.
So tune in this SUNDAY 4TH MAY 6.30pm SKY 218  to find out who takes this year’s #UGCY trophie.
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A4G puts the SWAG back into the gospel scene engaging both religious and secular audiences with fresh, youth-orientated, gospel-based entertainment.
Getting the audience ‘high on the holy ghost’ and ‘drunk on the Lord’s spirit, host Lorraine Kamara brings viewers an insight into the energy coming out of a new wave of worshipers via exclusive event coverage from across the UK, and going one-on-one with some of the hottest talent from the neo-gospel movement from around the world.
All 4 Gospel

All 4 Gospel

Previous guests on the show have included UK’s standout praise and worship minister MUYIWA, MOBO Award winning lyricist GUVNA B, and Lampmode Recording’s first British signing, underground starlet S.O.
A4G airs every 1st Sunday of the Month at 5.45PM on Sky channel 218 VoxAfrica & DSTV 191.
So until then Keep it SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace) and most importantly ALL 4 GOSPEL.
A4G #TURNUP with UK gospel Rapper SoTheKid (S.O.)
A4G Releases The Sound Of A Generation
A4G Talks UKStop gospel concert & more
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Our Facebook page: All 4 Gospel 

Where Is Your Honour?

17 Jun
It was Father’s day on Sunday and so well wishes are due to the wonderful Father’s out there.
I don’t know about you, but Father’s day has always been tough for me. Coming from a single parent home where my mum essentially played both roles and as the eldest, I was often the caregiver to my siblings supporting my mummy. It was hard, painful at times and jealousy used to seep in when I saw how happy my girlfriends were with their amazing Fathers.
But a miracle happened! Over the past two years I have gotten much closer to my once non-existent and distant Dad. I’ll tell you how it happened; it was because of a change in MY mindset and understanding the promises of God’s word.
“Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. – Exodus 20:21
The command says, “Honour your father and mother.” This is the first command that has a promise with it, “Then everything will be well with you, and you will have a long life on the earth.” - Ephesians 6:2-3
I remember reading these scriptures years ago and God spoke to me, asking, ‘Where is your honour Kanayo’?
Me and my pops in Asaba, Nigeria
Despite the circumstances, despite what I felt towards my Father, God still required that obedience from me to honour my Father. Of course I fought tirelessly against such an absurd request. How could I honour a man who wasn’t there for me? But God still asked me, ‘Where is your honour’?
I came to realise that me honouring my Father wasn’t about him, it was about my allegiance to God, my love for His word and desire to get that promise of long life.  Whether or not your parents were good to you, honour them for the position God gave them in your life. I am telling you that disrespect is a killer of our young people…don’t cut your days short because of disrespect. The Word of God is very clear!
A great yet scary example is Ham, Noah’s son in the Bible. Ham saw His Father’s nakedness and laughed (Genesis 9), instead of covering him like his brothers did. This provoked Noah, to curse Ham and His offspring. On the flip side, we have Jacob and Esau (Genesis 27), both after the blessings from their old Father Isaac. Even though Jacob was sneaky and got in there first to honour His father, by bringing all that He requested. His act of service and honour provoked His Father to speak life over Him and bless Him!
What I learnt is that your act of service and honour encourages blessings in your life. The words of a mother or father are powerful and your output in life is often as a result of the words and prayers spoken over you! So are you a child that provokes your parents to bless you or curse you? Where is your honour?
Please note, ‘a curse without a cause will not stand’. So if someone, albeit your parent curses you and you are not at fault, the curse is invalid…just saying!
So today, make it a point to HONOUR both your parents, serve them, encourage them, bless them! Do it even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it. Do it because of your love for God and your love for long life!

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