Hi! I’m Kanayochukwu aka Kanayo. I’m a Christian, British Nigerian, Academic, Leader in Education, Teacher of Psychology, Creative, Author and sister to many. Welcome to my website and personal blog!

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Kanayo x


As well as teaching Psychology, I know that God has called me to do something far greater in this world. My passion is for His Word and to encourage others to read the Bible, fall in love with it, but most importantly…fall in love with The Author! My role of teaching is not limited to psychology, I teach The Word through my devotional Bible Challenges, at church, social media and at ministerial invitations.

Our Mission

  • Biblical Scholarship: To get everyone; both Christians and non-Christians to read, understand and live out the word of God through written devotionals, journals and more.
  • Psychology meets Scripture: To draw both passions together, Psychology and Christianity, observing how they complement and sometimes clash in a bid to address the epidemic of mental health within the church.
  • Creative Evangelism: To reach the world with the gospel of Christ Jesus through the creative means of music, videos, stationary products and more.

Important Note

I am honoured and humbled that God saved me and chose me to be a vessel for His use. I need all those who are encouraged and inspired by my life, blog, Bible Challengesdevotionalsjournals, music, whatever it may be – that these things are nothing without God. I am nothing without God. I am still being pruned and transformed and enjoying every moment of this beautiful journey and sharing my experiences.


What People Say

I just wanted to thank you and most importantly God for using you do to these newsletters as they have truly uplifted me or given me clarity in times of need

Thank you very much for your newsletters which I always look forward to reading and thank you for allowing God to use you. 

And to you Kanayo, I pray God continues to use you mightily to do His work and inspire other people out there. This vision to start this is incredible! I pray it won’t stop here. Eager for the next bible challenge. God bless you abundantly! 

I would just like to say, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ‘WHERE IS YOUR HONOUR’ POST. I genuinely would like to thank God for your life, because your ministry is touching, encouraging and delivering people in such a great way. I pray that God will continue to use you, use you like never before and take you to deeper heights in doing his work.

It was your video about reading my Bible that brought me close and is still bringing me close to God.

Hi Kanayo, I just wanted to thank you and most importantly God for using you do to these newsletters as they have truly uplifted me or given me clarity in times of need. 

Devotionals and Bible Challenges

Psychology of Forgiveness – Devotional

This devotional is where ‘psychology meets scripture’ on the topic of forgiveness. Oftentimes, we passively forgive an offender, with a simple ‘I forgive you’, however, the challenge comes when you are reminded of their offence every time you see them. Or when you find it hard to get rid of that negative memory. Sometimes these recurring memories and feelings make you question whether you have really forgiven them or not.

Beauty In The Beast – A 7-day testimony devotional on dealing with a sudden rare illness

We are told to reject suffering and pain, but what do you do when you are confronted with the prospect of death? This devotional draws you into Kanayo’s testimony of battling a ‘one in a million’ serious illness called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. We journey with her suffering, healing, finding beauty in the beast of pain and ultimately learn how to suffer ‘well’. 


My prayerfully created devotional journal collection is available to purchase on doctorkanayo.com and Amazon UK!

I created these journals to be used as a tool to support and promote spending time with God. Whether you are studying His word, hearing His voice, recording dreams, writing down visions or capturing moments in your walk with Christ – this journal will enable you to experience a deeper awareness of God’s presence and voice as you write. Record things that have challenged you from sermons, conversations, messages, Facebook posts or even tweets. Get this journal for yourself, a friend, new-believer, or as a novelty gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day and so on. 


Kanayo Dike-Oduah, BSc, PGCE, QTLS, MA, EdD (Candidate)

London, UK