Day 4 – #JosephChallenge

Read: Genesis 39, Matthew 25:23 and 2 Timothy 2:22-24

‘The Lord was with Joseph and He was a successful man’.

The Favour of God brings success.
The Favour of God makes you stand out.
The Favour of God gets you noticed!

The people around Joseph were blessed because God was with Him. People have no choice but to be blessed when they are around you. The favour and blessing of our infinite Almighty God cannot be contained.

Joseph is an example of the faithful servant in Luke 12:36-44. The favour from God coupled with his unwavering obedience to His master, Potiphar, promoted him and gave him greater responsibility. The Lord will enlarge your coast when you are faithful in the small things. So, in all that you do, make it a point to serve with excellence and He will do as Proverbs 3:4 says: ‘Then you will win favour and a good name in the sight of God and man.’


Potiphar’s wife was a champion of manipulation; she was thirsty and very cunning. We have to rate Joseph’s strength to resist such temptation. He literally fled.

We ought to do the same when faced with temptation of any kind. It is not the time to start fighting temptation, it is not even the time to say, ‘let me pray and fast about it’, whilst you are still in the tempting situation. The Bible tells us to FLEE! Sometimes we tempt temptation by putting ourselves in tempting situations. 1 Corinthians 16:13 tells us to ‘be alert’. In other words, be aware of what entices you to sin and avoid those things at all costs and of course pray for the will to be free from those desires.

When it comes to sexual sin, we must remember that our bodies are not built to resist sexual urges. As I always jokingly say, ‘body no be firewood’. We are not inanimate, emotionless or unarousable; this is why it is important to flee!

Joseph’s loyalty to his master and obedience to God resulted in him being blamed for something that he did not do. Sometimes doing the right thing can have uncomfortable and unfair consequences, but…still do right! When you remain obedient to God’s standards, despite the temptations to do wrong, His favour will follow you, even to the prisons of life. Your supposed oppressors and enemies will favour you!
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