I Love Jesus Because…

I love Jesus Because He first loved me and gave me the capacity to love in spite of my hurt, my past and sinful state. 

I love Him because He saw beauty in what the world saw as ugly.

He never gave up on me.

He pursued me endlessly.

He transformed my mind.

He gave me hope in hopeless situations.

He gave me joy in my pain, He comforted me.

I love Jesus because He is my Pops and my buddy all in one. He gave me what I thought I missed out on by not having an earthly father present at all times. 

I love Jesus because He is a man of integrity and authority. I love Him because He is His word (John 1:1) and I loveeeeeeeeeeee His word, in fact I’m in love with His word. Y’all know this by now lool. Do a Bible Challenge! (Cheeky plug)

I love Jesus because He assures me of my future.

I love Jesus because He is my clarity in the midst of confusion.

I love Jesus because I can rest in Him. He is my hope, He is my joy, He is my salvation…that’s why I love Him. 

Oh yeah and He’s cute! 

I love you Jesus!

Share why you love Him too 🙂


4 thoughts on “I Love Jesus Because…

  1. I love Jesus because He can never EVER leave me.. Hebrews 13:5.. He doesnt know how to.. 🙈🙈🙈

  2. I love Jesus because he first loved me, and in loving me, he taught me how to love others, love life and even love myself

  3. I love Jesus because He’s is everything that I strive for and hope for, He is my wisdom, strength, joy, lover, friend, redemption, santification, restorer, healer, deliverer and buddy.

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