“Worship is worth-ship”

(Amazing word from Pastor Andy Elmes of Family Church – Part of my morning devotionals)

Remember, worship is ‘worth-ship’ (the placing of your worth on someone or something). When you take time in your day to worship God you put your worth on Him; and yes, He so deserves it!

A great key to remember is that we do not worship Him for what He does, but for who He is. If you only worship Him for what He does your worship life will be like a roller coaster – it will be up and down according to the varying situations of your life. But if you worship Him for who He is you can have consistency in your worship.

recite-gdiwwpGod loves your worship because it is something you choose to give away. It can’t be snatched or demanded, rather it is freely given from one to another. Every human has worship in them to give away and you see many give it to differing things and people on a daily basis. Some give their worship to football teams, and others to cars or pop stars or even men/women of God. It is good for us to enjoy other things and celebrate/value others BUT we must always make sure that the best of our worship (our greatest shout of adoration) is reserved for our King, Jesus.

Today, give God what He is due. Give Him your worship; don’t just give it because He has done something for you, give it to Him for who He is.

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