Losing 14kg during lockdown while eating Magnum – An introduction to the ‘I can’t come and kill myself’ diet!

Watch my IGTV 12 minute video below to hear how 14kg melted off me during lockdown!

I made New Year’s resolutions with my students at the start of the year (they always hold me accountable😎), and I shared with them that one of my New Year’s resolution was for the Lord to shrink me for health reasons. I literally prayed ‘less of me Lord’…and then came lockdown 😂

I spent lockdown social distancing from my fridge and snack cupboard but not from my freezer with @magnum 😂🤫

Last year August I was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. As a result my body had gone through significant trauma, to the point of resuscitation. I had put on so much weight on top of the weight that I was already trying to lose pre-sickness!

To the glory of God I have made great recovery, and while I still have a little while to go, my consultant advised that addressing my weight was imperative for my recovery.

I had previously tried losing weight on my own accord, thinking that I could exercise and then eat whatever I liked but it just wasn’t working (who’s been there? 😅🙋🏾‍♀️). Moreover, the diagnosis of PCOS made my sugar cravings make sense, and amplified the struggle with losing weight! My PCOS sisters know what I’m talking about!! Add insulin-resistance to the mix and lockdown, everything was screaming…’you can’t do it Kanayo’. But God works through the setbacks 😎🙌🏾.

I signed up for @foodtherapyng’s 12 week program (meal plan, exercises and accountability after seeing @omojuly’s phenomenal progress).
My body was still very weak so I didn’t do any rigourous exercises, I kept it to walking at length, as much as possible (ideally 5k a day).

I offloaded 10kg on the 12 week program and more after the program using the skills and discipline I had learnt. All while consuming my darling @magnum.

There is no magic to it.
Calorie counting 🤝 eat what you like with discipline 🤝 Exercise.
That’s all. The goal will always be HEALTHY.

I do everything with the Lord on my side, so of course I had a set of prayer points which I cheekily prayed on my journey. You can read and save them below!

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