Great Wall of China – Beijing 2013

Ni Hao my beautiful people!

This weekend I embarked on 2 day hiking experience on the Great Wall of China. It was absolutely amazing. On day one we walked 8km (20km accounting for the steep and uneven terrain) in 4/5 hours. What a challenging and exhausting substitute for the gym lool. The following day, we woke up super early to hike again and watch the sun rise at the top, which was breathtaking…literally. I’ve included a short funny video of my journey with the other CRCC Asia interns, including a bit of our Chinese BBQ. Full album of pictures are on my facebook.

At the highest point of the Great wall after a 8km hike
In one of the towers posing and doing small babe
I conquered
Kanayo was here!
On the edge…God held back the winds for this picture
The GREAT Wall of China
Admiring the view
Sunrise from the Great Wall
Last Picture from the Great Wall!

If you go to China, visiting the Great Wall is a MUST.

God bless you all!

K x

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