Zài jiàn China – Beijing 2013

Ni hao guys and girls! So my month in China has come to an end. It has been an amazing experience. I’ve gone through an array of emotions and thoughts while I’ve been out here. I’ve learnt so much, but I am ready to come home loool. My China experience began before I left for … Continue reading Zài jiàn China – Beijing 2013

Taiji Class and Summer Palace (Boat Ride) – Beijing 2013

http://youtu.be/UI25GwKqTZY Video footage of my Taiji Class and visit to the Summer Palace in Beijing. I love being a tourist on the weekends, especially now as my one month stay in Beijing is drawing to an end. 9 more days to go! Feel free to laugh at my Taiji moves or boat driving skills looool.

Great Wall of China – Beijing 2013

Ni Hao my beautiful people! This weekend I embarked on 2 day hiking experience on the Great Wall of China. It was absolutely amazing. On day one we walked 8km (20km accounting for the steep and uneven terrain) in 4/5 hours. What a challenging and exhausting substitute for the gym lool. The following day, we … Continue reading Great Wall of China – Beijing 2013

Rush Hour and Work – Beijing 2013

On our third day at Astronaut China, Louisa and I were on our way to work when Beijing 'Rush Hour' was at its peak. Forget about Jackie Chan rush hour...this was absolutely insane, I seriously wish I was the cartoon from the subway surfers game looool. All the same, we made it to work in one piece! Packed like … Continue reading Rush Hour and Work – Beijing 2013

Is it Chicken? Squats. Hair. Chinese Business Culture & Superstitions vlog #2 – Beijing 2013

http://youtu.be/9RB-5euh7Qo Second vlog about my stay in Beijing for my one month internship. I had to film it with my camera because the audio and video were not synching. Forgive, I'll use something better next time. Live the experience with me. God bless K x

First Things First – Beijing 2013

Wow guys, the day is finally here! I am in Beijing. 13+ hours, 5070 miles away from Home. I am really excited for what the next 4 weeks have to offer me and what I have to offer to China. I'm so appreciative of this opportunity and forever grateful to those that have supported me … Continue reading First Things First – Beijing 2013