Rush Hour and Work – Beijing 2013

On our third day at Astronaut China, Louisa and I were on our way to work when Beijing ‘Rush Hour’ was at its peak. Forget about Jackie Chan rush hour…this was absolutely insane, I seriously wish I was the cartoon from the subway surfers game looool. All the same, we made it to work in one piece!

Packed like sardine in the trains. Subway was bursting with people, sweaty as it was 35 degrees!
Luckily, our office allows us to wear casual clothes in this heat and only formal for meetings etc. I wouldn’t want to be sweating in my best clothes!

Beijing Rush Hour in the subway is like NO other! I will never complain about the London Underground after a month of this loool. Great experience though.

Work flow :)
Work flow 🙂

On the bright side, when I get to work I the AC cools me down and I am really enjoying my role.

My colleagues are all Chinese, except for the CEO who is from Austria and the other intern Louisa. They are absolutely lovely, especially my supervisor Miya, who always takes good care of us.

Right now my main task is to help some of my Chinese colleagues to complete proposals for our clients. This involves a lot of research and  persuasive flare.

In addition, I am helping to check their English for any syntax errors, which sounds like its a bad thing , but not at all. In my Developmental module at university, we learnt that many languages form their sentences differently. Some are structured as SOV’s – Subject-Object-Verb and some are SVO’s – Subject-Verb-Object. The latter is what we use in the English language, so it can be difficult for other languages to adjust to our writing style.


Nevertheless, I enjoy it and I love seeing them smile when they learn a new word or phrase AND I absolutely love learning from them too.

I’m having an awesome time in Beijing. Kareoke Tonight and then Great wall of China for the whole weekend. I’ll keep blogging 🙂

God bless you all, Keep me in your prayers!

Wo ai ni xxx

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