This debut novel by Eniola Prentice was an absolute joy to read. Eniola has a flare for writing in such a way that is relatable to the average reader, you don’t have to be American or a medical student to understand the contents of this novel; I’m British and a Psychology student, so there you go! I … Continue reading Still

Taiji Class and Summer Palace (Boat Ride) – Beijing 2013 Video footage of my Taiji Class and visit to the Summer Palace in Beijing. I love being a tourist on the weekends, especially now as my one month stay in Beijing is drawing to an end. 9 more days to go! Feel free to laugh at my Taiji moves or boat driving skills looool.

Rush Hour and Work – Beijing 2013

On our third day at Astronaut China, Louisa and I were on our way to work when Beijing 'Rush Hour' was at its peak. Forget about Jackie Chan rush hour...this was absolutely insane, I seriously wish I was the cartoon from the subway surfers game looool. All the same, we made it to work in one piece! Packed like … Continue reading Rush Hour and Work – Beijing 2013

First Things First – Beijing 2013

Wow guys, the day is finally here! I am in Beijing. 13+ hours, 5070 miles away from Home. I am really excited for what the next 4 weeks have to offer me and what I have to offer to China. I'm so appreciative of this opportunity and forever grateful to those that have supported me … Continue reading First Things First – Beijing 2013

Are you a student or just an ‘economic unit’?

A poem that the archbishop of Southwark 'Peter Smith' read really touched me during my ex-college's 25th anniversary mass, so I thought I ought to share it. He also spoke about education and how it has moved away from its true purpose. In this modern day we students are seen as economical units, to be … Continue reading Are you a student or just an ‘economic unit’?