This debut novel by Eniola Prentice was an absolute joy to read. Eniola has a flare for writing in such a way that is relatable to the average reader, you don’t have to be American or a medical student to understand the contents of this novel; I’m British and a Psychology student, so there you go!

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I was able to identify with the many facets of each protagonist in this book…and there were four of them, so that is a skill. I thoroughly enjoyed how each character had their personal story and struggles, yet their stories were cleverly synthesised and intertwined to form a dramatic yet holistic storyline.

I identified with Ladi’s experience of loss as I was the exact same way when my closest cousin passed away last year. I totally understood Nikky’s desire to have a significant other in her life, especially with the extra pressure from her Nigerian family, but I equally found it hilarious to read how she ran too far with the vision, creating a family in her head, but got ‘friendzoned’ swiftly.

For some reason, I felt for the bad boy, Tayo, who reminded me of a psychological phenomenon ‘Self-fulfilling’ prophesy. Constantly having negative labels placed over you can indeed affect you, but the greatest victory is in one’s ability to defy the label and prove your doubters wrong which He did! However, Eniola kept me desperately wanting to know, chapter after chapter…what did Tayo Smith do to Sola!? Reading about Sola cutting herself and battling with suicide struck a chord with me, I guess it’s to be expected when we have an author who is also a medic. This part was written with such conviction; I longed to understand her pain but couldn’t quite fathom the idea of one self-harming as a way to alleviate emotional pain, despite me being a psychology major.

On a lighter note, being Nigerian myself, I was cracking up at the Nigerian idioms (such as ‘shine your eye’ pg.27) nicely expressed throughout the book. It gave Still a jovial and cultural feel which I loved!

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Absolutely Hilarious! (pg 80)

I’d like to share a few of my favourite quotes from the Still.

‘In a crisis, you get to know a person’s real character’ – pg. 168

‘When we feel abandoned by God is when he’s most available to us’ pg. 272

‘Sometimes your need for order is a defence mechanism’ – pg. 316

Life sometimes throws us curveballs which God allows’ – pg. 317

When finally read ‘The End’, I was like NO WAY, there has got to be more. Thank God Eniola is working on Still 2!

Things I took from this book:

  • Be real about your struggles and your emotional hurts. I was slyly frustrated at Sola’s lack of transparency with those that were willing to help her. So yeah, Be transparent.
  • God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way we expect. He does it in the best way, better than what we’d imagine.
  • Ladies, don’t run too far with the relationship vision so that you don’t get hurt!
  • Sometimes we search for ‘logic’ in a situation that blatantly defies all logic. Look to God!
  • Be still 🙂 ❤

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With love from Sister Kay


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