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I’ve added this section to my blog as I receive an influx of incredible testimonies from those that have been blessed and touched by the ministry God has given me. One thing about testimonies, is that they are not just for the person who went through the ‘test’. Your testimony, when shared, encourages others that they too can come out on the other side of their trial, renewed and stronger!
God bless everyone that has shared their testimony. It actually takes a lot of courage to be transparent with your fellow brothers and sisters…God will honour you for that. The key scripture as the foundation of what this post is about can be found in Revelation 12:11.
‘They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony!
Don’t be silent about what God has done for you. Walk in your freedom and speak out!
If you have a testimony to share, please submit it HERE and read others’ below.
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photo 1 (1)Hi Kanayo, I wasn’t sure how to get in contact with you, as I couldn’t find your email address so I thought I’d share what I would like to share with you here.
I would just like to say, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ‘WHERE IS YOUR HONOUR’ POST. I genuinely would like to thank God for your life, because your ministry is touching, encouraging and delivering people in such a great way. I pray that God will continue to use you, use you like never before and take you to deeper heights in doing his work.

God is so amazing, he’s sovereign and he’s always on time. He always speaks to us or uses someone else to speak to us at a time when we need it most.
Just like you, I was brought up in a single parent home, for most of my life I was away from my father up until the age of 15. A year after developing a great relationship with my father, he passed away.
photo 3For years I battled with pain and hurt and always wondered why me? Why couldn’t I relate to the conventional ‘Daddy’s Girl’ dream. It wasn’t until I really took everything before God, was honest with my pain and poured out my heart that God began to work with my broken state.
What really stood out to me from your email was that, until you understand God’s word and promises it’s a battle to be made whole.
Until I really realised that, God works everything out for our good, God did not promise a life without pain, struggles or hardships but he did promise to give us the strength to get through them and that he will never leave us or forsake us, I couldn’t move on. The fact that I’m able to smile and move on is a testimony in itself.
Sorry for the essay! You may be wondering why is the girl pouring out her heart? I’m actually asking the same question myself lol as I don’t usually do this, but I just felt to share with you how your ministry is blessing people.
Thank you once again lovely!!! Keep allowing God to be the potter whilst you are the clay.
Shenelle, Sister S – In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Wow, Kanayo..I’m actually in tears right now.
photo 4 (2)I can’t say I’ve gone through what you’ve gone through, but my experience comes pretty close. And knowing that God is greater than what happened brings me soo much peace. Knowing that He can heal my broken heart is the greatest feeling ever. 
It was your video about reading my Bible that brought me close and is still bringing me close to God. It wasn’t until right now that I read your email that I realised how hurt I am inside, and that I need to stop pretending like I’m perfectly ok, walking around with a false smile. I realise that I have a living hope in the Lord our God and that He is greater than every blemish in my life. That is because of you, Kanayo.
 I thank God for your life. I thank you for what you have done in my life,
May He continue to bless you xx
Sister Y – In Response to my ‘What Blemishes Do You Have?’ Newsletter

God bless you for this, brought me to tears, and thank you for being transparent helping other ladies to come out of hiding. 
– Sister M – In Response to my ‘What Blemishes Do You Have?’ Newsletter

photo 2 (1)Hey love. Just read your latest newsletter. I was so annoyed whilst reading it ‘like Kanayo go away’. My mother and I dont have a relationship but only negative feelings towards eachother and graduation has been great but also hard because I need to move out and find somewhere to live. Anyway, reading your message has reminded me of the Importance of honouring and respecting her even if I do not want anything to do with her in terms of building a close relationship. Thank you for the message girl xx
-Sister J – In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Hi Kanayo,
photo 1 (2)I just wanted to thank you and most importantly God for using you do to these newsletters as they have truly uplifted me or given me clarity in times of need. I especially have a testimony about the fathers day honours one as forgiving my father for not being consistent in my life is something i always struggled with as i had blamed him for alot of my issues towards men and love etc but as i read that before i went to bed i was being rebellious towards the voice of God who was telling me to call my dad and say happy fathers day but i didn’t feel he ‘deserved it’ but i really didn’t wanna think like that anymore and i wanted to just have a normal relationship and let go of all the bitterness.
photo 4 (3).PNGYou reminded me that I do what i do not because it pleases me but because God commanded me to do so. So i fought my flesh and told God this was for him and pressed dial and we actually had a great convo ! I know its definitely the beginning of our new chapter and i know just by that small obedience that burden i had carried for years was finally lifted and God is healing me, love conquers all !
Thank you xS.Brown, In Response to my ‘Where is your honour?’ Newsletter

Hi Kanayo,
Thank you very much for your newsletters which I always look forward to reading and thank you for allowing God to use you. Your last newsletter which included your spoken word piece ‘Look at me’ was amazing and it inspired me to write a spoken word piece too. Before, I always thought it wasn’t my thing but when the Holy Spirit works through you it’s amazing what can happen. So I thought I should share with you.
Thank you Father, from your daughter SandraWho am I, that you had to die for me?
Who am I, that you pour out your unconditional love continually like a river.
Who am I that you erased my sins.
Complete colour change.
Dark to light, red to white.I was worthless but you made me worthy.
I was hopeless but you made me hopeful.
I was broken but you made whole.
I was weak but you made me strong.
What a beautiful exchange.

10262136_813852098632426_143675581193675322_nI am your precious daughter.
I am your servant but you call me friend.
I am anointed because you chose me.
I am your representative but yet you show yourself through countless miracles in my life.
I am fearfully & wonderfully made by the master Himself!
I am no long the owner of my life/ body in fact I never was.
I am made perfect because you are perfect.

So thank you, Jesus, my first love, my Father and my best friend.
For you saw the best, when I saw the worst.
You saw good, when I saw bad.
The human mind cannot comprehend your greatness.
My mouth cannot give you enough praise.
But the least I can do to show my gratitude is to offer myself unto you.

Sister Sandra

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