Sometimes God says NO!

God's 'no' is better than man's 'yes'. Look back and glorify God for the things He saved you from. Look back and think about how pre-mature desires could have led you in the ditch. Look back and appreciate God's discipline, an expression of HIS love for you as His son/daughter. Look back and appreciate His … Continue reading Sometimes God says NO!

From The Fire…To Freedom

We went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of abundance. - Psalm 66:12 Maybe when you look back, or even look where you presently are, you can fully relate to the first part of this verse. Maybe it feels like you've been through the fire and the water. Maybe it feels … Continue reading From The Fire…To Freedom

My Declaration

Hey beautiful people! I hope that you are all well. It's been an interesting season for me. A season which compelled me to really stand on God's word, take hold of my joy and remain hopeful for the future despite the challenges of the present. I did this by writing up a declaration which I … Continue reading My Declaration

Challenges and Separation | Transparency and Encouragement From Kanayo

Separation is the word for today. Watch the video below as I share in total transparency about what I've been going through in this season. Your purpose, assignment, mission, mandate, cause, choices will SEPARATE you from some folk. God doesn't separate you to leave you on your ones. He separates to: A) join you … Continue reading Challenges and Separation | Transparency and Encouragement From Kanayo

The Daily War Over Your Joy

Hello! I pray that you are well. It's been a while, do forgive my quietness. You might be able to relate to the pressure of exam season. As I pass through this season, I'm praying for all of you in the same boat. Have a read of the short prayer on my blog concerning exams: 'Loving … Continue reading The Daily War Over Your Joy

Change Your Declaration 

Happy New Year! May His peace guard you in all seasons. May His word be your daily bread! May His goodness, mercy and love pursue you! Amen. Matthew 12:34-37 (Message) “It’s your heart, not the dictionary, that gives meaning to your words. A good person produces good deeds and words season after season. An evil … Continue reading Change Your Declaration 

The Critics

Can I be real with you? Last week I felt super discouraged.  You know when you're being discouraged on all sides, people are criticising your every move and it even feels like a crime to breathe...loool extreme, I know. But you get the point. It just wasn't a great feeling.  But you know what I do … Continue reading The Critics

Master of One, Master of All

Matthew 6:33 A scripture that we hear tossed about in service or said in passing. But do we really know and BELIEVE in the promises of this scripture. The test of your belief is in your actions. The test of your belief is in your decision. Let’s look at this scripture concordantly across three bible … Continue reading Master of One, Master of All

When They Hurt The Ones You Love

Can I be real with you? I get angry. Like, emotionally angry and recently it hasn't been towards people that hurt me. My anger has been towards those that have hurt people dear to me. I've subconsciously been dragging this hurt, evil thoughts, hatred, desire for revenge...and honestly, its made me feel numb. I know … Continue reading When They Hurt The Ones You Love

Got It All Together…?

You may have all the technique and technical stuff down when it comes to Christianity, but are you pursuing for more in God, more in your relationship with Him. Christianity is more than church, it is more than singing a slow song with your hands raised. God is not interested in the 'altogether' part of … Continue reading Got It All Together…?