Got It All Together…?

You may have all the technique and technical stuff down when it comes to Christianity, but are you pursuing for more in God, more in your relationship with Him. Christianity is more than church, it is more than singing a slow song with your hands raised.

God is not interested in the ‘altogether’ part of your life. You know, the neat and tidy areas like the sitting room or parlour that you only let visitors see. He is not interested in the superficial. He is interested in the authenticity of our lives, the messy areas, like that one room or garage in the house with all the junk. If you don’t let Him into the mess, He can’t clear it up. 

God dropped what I’ve written below in my heart during my Church’s worship night this evening. I had to quickly write it down messily (see right image lol), knowing that it won’t just encourage me, but it will encourage someone else reading. So here it goes…

God is saying, ‘My Child.
I Am enough for you.
I Am sufficient for you.
I Am the ‘I Am’. Forever in your present and waiting for you in your future.
With Me you have everything.
In Me you have joy, hope and a future.
Fear and worry are not of Me.
Peace is who I Am.
Joy Is who I Am.
Hope Is who I Am.
Love Is who I Am.
Rest In Me. Let My Word be your pillow of comfort and My presence a blanket of peace.
Rest in Me My Child.
You are Mine.
You will have all of Me, if you give Me all of you.
Give Me Your hurt, your fears, your burdens and your mess.
Give it all to Me.
Don’t be afraid to not be perfect. Your perfection comes from Me.
Don’t be afraid not to have it altogether. Your togetherness comes from Me.
In Me, You will live, You will move and you will have your being.
For You Are Mine.’
— Kanayo Dike-Oduah

Below is  a short 2 minute video to complement today’s newsletter!
God bless you and I pray that you are encouraged!

Video is on Vimeo too, for those who use that!

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6 thoughts on “Got It All Together…?

  1. When I read the subject in my mail, “Got it all together…?” I knew right then that this was God’s message to me. And thank you so much for adding a video with it, it was a blessing! You are loved in prayers, dear sister Kanayo 🙂

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