Got It All Together…?

You may have all the technique and technical stuff down when it comes to Christianity, but are you pursuing for more in God, more in your relationship with Him. Christianity is more than church, it is more than singing a slow song with your hands raised. God is not interested in the 'altogether' part of … Continue reading Got It All Together…?

Tribute to my dear Ify

On Saturday 23rd February 2013, I lost someone so special to me. My cousin, who was my sister and my friend. I have never seen death or had death this close. That day my heart was literally torn apart and I was angry. Watching the paramedics who did everything they could trying to resuscitate her, I touched … Continue reading Tribute to my dear Ify

Fruit Of The Spirit FINALE Day 7 #FOSChallenge

We have completed The Fruit of The Spirit Challenge aka fruit buffet. Thank you for taking part in the #FOSChallenge! It has been a wonderful learning experience and I really do pray that it has encouraged you to start growing these fruits of The Spirit in your spiritual garden. To show love, be faithful, gentle, joyful, … Continue reading Fruit Of The Spirit FINALE Day 7 #FOSChallenge