I felt incredibly tired and worn out last week and despite all efforts to ‘rest’, I still felt exhausted. It reached a point where I had to ask God to ‘give me strength’ and in providing His strength, He also renewed my understanding of REST.

Rest is not supposed to be this thing that you collapse into after an exhausting day or season. Rest is supposed to be your starting point. We should start from a place of rest.

There is so much comfort in knowing that our Lord and Saviour Jesus, walked and didn’t run. He lived an unhurried life, yet His purpose and mission were unquestionably fulfilled. Take home message: Busy does not equal to purpose.

Another renewed perspective that I received about ‘rest’ during my quiet time, is that I have permission to do nothing. I have permission to say ‘no’. I have permission to be strategic with my availability. For when I say ‘no’ to something, or when I leave a margin of rest in my day, week, month or year, I in turn, open myself up to start from a place of purposeful REST.

Finally, remember how I said I asked God to ‘give me strength’. The Holy Spirit quietly reminded me that my prayer for Him to merely give me strength belittles His power at work in me. God doesn’t just give strength, He IS strength and He is in me.

Will you join me in choosing to start from a place of REST.

Will you join me in changing our prayer from ‘Lord give me strength’ to ‘Lord, you ARE my strength so I will embark on this task from a place of strength‘.

My prayer for you is that you will gain a new understanding of rest. That you will be intentional with your time, economical with your ‘yes’ and strategic with your availability. You will give yourself a margin for resting, with the assurance that purpose can still be fulfilled without compromising on ‘rest’.

Love, K x

Scriptures to read: Psalm 73:26; Isaiah 40:31; Isaiah 41:10; 1 Chronicles 16:11 and Psalm 18:1-2.

4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Reblogged this on Living a Meaningful Life and commented:
    Kanayo wrote down all my thoughts in this post!!! This is a very solid post and I encourage everyone to read it. I take retreats from people and social media twice a year. Just had one and wow I would say it was very much needed. We get so busy planning the next big accomplishment that we don’t stop to enjoy all that’s been accomplished and just do nothing. In the process, hear clearly from God and gain uncommon wisdom to plan for our next levels.

  2. So relevant to my life right now. Perfectly put, God bless you. In times where we as youth feel that we must be active on our ‘grind’ 24/7, remembering quiet time and rest is essential.

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