Sometimes God says NO!

God’s ‘no’ is better than man’s ‘yes’.

Look back and glorify God for the things He saved you from.

Look back and think about how pre-mature desires could have led you in the ditch.

Look back and appreciate God’s discipline, an expression of HIS love for you as His son/daughter.

Look back and appreciate His direction, even when it felt like you were walking against the wind.

Look back and appreciate who you are now because you yielded to Him, even when He said ‘no’.

A ‘no’ from God does not make Him ‘party pooper’. A ‘no’ from God literally preserves your life, purpose and destiny.

A ‘no’ from God could come at anytime and we must ask Him for the grace to accept His loving discipline, which hurts sometimes because it goes against our own fleshly will.

A ‘no’ from God comes because He knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). He sees the whole journey, whereas we can only see as far as our eyes allow.

Trust God even when it doesn’t make sense. Trust God even when your logic seems like a better option.

So after looking back at all the “no’s” or the doors that may have closed. Look forward, knowing that This God. The God of the Universe. The Almighty, knows the end from the beginning. Your future is so secure in Him. Trust Him, for He will guide you with His loving eye. (Psalm 32:8)

Notes from my quiet/devotional time this morning based on an image that my sister tweeted! Love these morning downloads from Abba. Gosh 😅🙌

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