Sisters in Ministry

Hey guys, It was really on my heart to share the great work of a few of my sisters in ministry. Understand that ministry is literally serving and I'm sure that many of you do ministry in your everyday lives. One thing about being a minister of God is that we do not seek to … Continue reading Sisters in Ministry

Prayer and Encouragement from my Big Sisters

I love my big sisters - had to share their encouraging words which touched me! Have a read below and show some love and support!  (Thank You to my big sister Ashley for this Prayer) Lord, protect my heart and the hearts of all those battling with rejection and pain. Keep our hearts free from … Continue reading Prayer and Encouragement from my Big Sisters

Newsletter Testimonies

I’ve added this section to my blog as I receive an influx of incredible testimonies from those that have been blessed and touched by the ministry God has given me. One thing about testimonies, is that they are not just for the person who went through the ‘test’. Your testimony, when shared, encourages others that they … Continue reading Newsletter Testimonies

Fashioned for Purpose – Ruth Challenge Relapse

Hey beauties, I wanted to share the devotional that my Pastor, Danni Lockwood at my church (Eternity Church) sent out to the ladies! It's amazing how the Holy Spirit works, because it was based on Ruth, which many of us have just finished doing the Ruth challenge! I believe, as women, we are a powerful … Continue reading Fashioned for Purpose – Ruth Challenge Relapse