Ladies…ROAR! Reject Satisfaction

This post is for lionesses only! I had a phenomenal time on the panel at Coffee & Prayer last weekend. Following a few snaps on mine and others' instastory there was a huge request for a collation of some of the things that I shared. So the video is below! Hopefully more will be shared … Continue reading Ladies…ROAR! Reject Satisfaction

Sisters in Ministry

Hey guys, It was really on my heart to share the great work of a few of my sisters in ministry. Understand that ministry is literally serving and I'm sure that many of you do ministry in your everyday lives. One thing about being a minister of God is that we do not seek to … Continue reading Sisters in Ministry

My Mission Trip to Ghana

My Mission trip to Ghana with the charity Spreading The Gospel, was an incredible experience. Not only did it deal with me physically, in terms of the assault on my complexion from the Ghanaian sun, or the scars from the hungry mosquitos – but this mission trip dealt with my heart on so many levels. … Continue reading My Mission Trip to Ghana