‘God said…but it didn’t work out’

'God said...but it didn't work out, so was it really God or were you hearing things because God is not a liar...' I have heard many versions of the above phrase spewed inconsiderately and in a 'what are you saying now?' way to Christians, who perhaps shared that God instructed them to do something. That … Continue reading ‘God said…but it didn’t work out’

My Mission Trip to Ghana

My Mission trip to Ghana with the charity Spreading The Gospel, was an incredible experience. Not only did it deal with me physically, in terms of the assault on my complexion from the Ghanaian sun, or the scars from the hungry mosquitos – but this mission trip dealt with my heart on so many levels. … Continue reading My Mission Trip to Ghana

Great Wall of China – Beijing 2013

Ni Hao my beautiful people! This weekend I embarked on 2 day hiking experience on the Great Wall of China. It was absolutely amazing. On day one we walked 8km (20km accounting for the steep and uneven terrain) in 4/5 hours. What a challenging and exhausting substitute for the gym lool. The following day, we … Continue reading Great Wall of China – Beijing 2013