Daddy Issues – Candid Conversation

This post is a debrief for those who watched or missed the 'instalive' with the one and only Rev Wonu, founder and leader of Eleuthera Ministry on the topic: Daddy Issues! You can watch the replay via YouTube (videos are embedded at the end of this post). Daddy issues; issues that stem from the physical … Continue reading Daddy Issues – Candid Conversation

Where Is Your Honour? |Father’s Day

It's Father's day and so well wishes are due to the wonderful Father's out there. I don't know about you, but Father's day has always been tough for me. Coming from a single parent home where my mum essentially played both roles and as the eldest, I was often the second caregiver to my siblings supporting my mummy. … Continue reading Where Is Your Honour? |Father’s Day

My Mission Trip to Ghana

My Mission trip to Ghana with the charity Spreading The Gospel, was an incredible experience. Not only did it deal with me physically, in terms of the assault on my complexion from the Ghanaian sun, or the scars from the hungry mosquitos – but this mission trip dealt with my heart on so many levels. … Continue reading My Mission Trip to Ghana

My Charity Mission Trip to Ghana

Hello Everyone, I have exciting news! I will be volunteering in Ghana with a charity called STG (Spreading The Gospel) from May 15th - May 25th! This outreach is one that I have wanted to embark on for the past two years and I am extremely grateful that the opportunity has finally come! My flights/accommodation and … Continue reading My Charity Mission Trip to Ghana