My Mission Trip to Ghana

My Mission trip to Ghana with the charity Spreading The Gospel, was an incredible experience. Not only did it deal with me physically, in terms of the assault on my complexion from the Ghanaian sun, or the scars from the hungry mosquitos – but this mission trip dealt with my heart on so many levels.

I spent the majority of my mission in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region, working with several kids and young girls. It was an absolute joy to see wide smiles on these children’s faces upon our arrival, but also heart-breaking to see their visible distress when we left. There is a special place in my heart for my kids in Adagya village.

I say ‘my’ because a great bond was formed in the two days that I spent with them; we sang, we studied The Word of God, we shared our struggles, but most of all, we loved. I say ‘my kids’ because I know that my mission isn’t over just because I physically won’t be there. My mission continues in my incessant prayers for them and in my actions to raise money to provide the resources that they desperately need for a better quality of life.

Ghana made me realise the importance of giving someone your time, your words and your comforting touch. Oftentimes, we westerners that have it made, have become comfortable with throwing money at charities, but not really dispensing the resource of time when we have the chance to do so.

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as going to a developing country and volunteering there, but it starts in your home, it starts in your church, it starts in your schools, colleges, universities and it starts in your workplace. Who do you give your time? Have you encouraged someone today? Have you smiled or given someone a comforting hug that transforms their whole day?

While STG is a Christian charity, our mission trips extend to all religions and cultures. I had the privilege of speaking at an Islamic girls school in Tano Dumasi. Not only that, I was able to share the word of God with over 300 Junior High School Students and in other villages where English is not a first language for the children (I’ll post the videos as soon as I get them). I shared this on my Instagram, and I will say it again: There is no language barrier when it comes to the gospel of Christ. There is no race restriction or cultural barrier. The Gospel is for all and my mission trip in Ghana was a sobering reminder of that very fact.

I thank God for making me a part of Spreading the Gospel and for enabling myself and the STG team to spread the gospel in our service of love. We still need your support as the foundation for the school we are building in Tano Dumasi has been laid, for the kids who have to walk 3-5miles to get to school. So please support STG in any way you can! Albeit in spreading the word, donating funds…or coming on the next mission trip!

Check out the STG Website for more information on how to support Spreading The Gospel!


4 thoughts on “My Mission Trip to Ghana

  1. that is awesome!! and I’m glad God is using you to help those children, I would love to go on s mission trip, I’ll definitely have to plan.

  2. Great one dear,…..the Gospel has been committed to our trust and we must see to it that we don’t fail at it….. We will get there, we are waxing stronger,..God bless you dear,..keep inspiring our generation with the love you have inside of you, are awesome, you and your team.

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