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Hey family! I’ve got some amazing news.

I have been nominated and selected as a finalist in the Young Achiever category of the ‘Women 4 Africa’ awards. It is safe to say that I was shocked and honoured by the nomination.  I still don’t know who nominated me *covers face*. Pleaseeeee can whoever nominated me make themselves known so that I can express my gratitude personally.

As of 03/03/2016, I found out that it was my sister Eti who nominated me, with support from my sister Sheena last year. It is such a privilege to have amazing covenant friends. I thank God for blessing me with these Queens, who push me to do better and be better. Sisters who are not like the world that see everyone as competition and struggle to celebrate others. These are my sisters who sacrifice their time, resources and strength to see others rise. Incredible women! I love you both so so much and my heart is forever grateful xxx

The 5th ‘Women 4 Africa’ awards ceremony will be on 21st May at the Great Hall in Kensington and I am super excited to celebrate with other phenomenal women and my family. Tickets are being sold now, so if you’d like to come, network and enjoy the company of the greats then get your ticket 🙂

 A supportive follower of my work testified by saying ‘Congratulations Kanayo, your influence does cut across London and reaches Nigeria’. 


Surrey uni women
University of Surrey recognising Kanayo’s nomination on their website! #ForeverSurrey


Here’s the nomination email below…yet again, I am totally wowed *hides again*. Thank you so so much xx

Kanayo Dike-Oduah is a young woman who is often regarded as a strong pillar of her generation and community. She grew up in South London, in what society would call a ‘broken home’. Though, Kanayo has never let her surroundings or background hold her back, and her outspoken, confident and determined character really makes her a catalyst for change in her generation.

Kanayo was once told that she wouldn’t achieve because statistically, those from single-parent homes were labelled ‘delinquents and un-achievers’. At age 14 Kanayo read about a theory proposed by psychologists called, the ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’. This is where someone is given a label and consequently, lives up to it. In her own words, she ‘decided to give [herself] the label of an achiever’. And achieve she certainly did, holding all kinds of prominent positions throughout her educational life, as well as becoming keenly involved in politics both locally (Wandsworth Council, 2011) and in the national media (BBC, 2013), not to mention being recognised and awarded by prestigious organisations for her academic and international work.

Her academic passion is in Psychology, which she excelled in right from being introduced to the discipline at GCSE through to holding a Bachelor of Science Degree from the UK’s 4th Best university, the University of Surrey. Kanayo now teaches Psychology to 16-19 year olds in an inner London Sixth Form while completing her Postgrad at the World’s number one university for educational studies, the Institution of Education, UCL.kanayo

Kanayo has written a critically acclaimed academic review on a key debate in the field titled: ‘Mental Illness: Demons or Dopamines?’ which received positive acclaim from her peers and lecturers and was highlighted in the University of Surrey’s academic newspaper. Kanayo wrote this paper during her month stay in China, where she worked for Astronaut China in July 2013 and also spent a few days volunteering at a mental institution in Beijing. Kanayo is nicknamed as the ‘globe-trotter’ by her friends and one of her most poignant travels was to Ghana in May 2014, where she went to teach, engage in charity work and host empowering conferences under the charity, STG. One recipient of her charitable efforts had this to say about Kanayo based on the zeal and passion she displayed while raising money for the charity and during her time volunteering: ‘Kanayo is a world improver. She is an incorrigibly benevolent woman and the people around her have their faith restored in humanity, thanks to her selflessness.’

Winning the Black Youth Achievement Award in education sponsored by Pearson in 2011 set the ball rolling for Kanayo’s streak of achievements. Since then Kanayo has continued to excel; last year she was a nominee for the Rare Rising Stars award (2015) and in July 2014, Kanayo was recognised as a Future Leader for 2014/15 and featured in September’s Future Leaders Magazine which celebrates 100 of the UK’s most outstanding black students in partnership with Barclays Capital and the University of Cambridge. Kanayo was selected from a cohort of over 500 students, to be given the Internationalisation Award for the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at her graduation for her international work.

Kanayo also hosts a popular blog with over 175,000 hits from 100+ countries, www.doctorkanayo.com on the intersection between psychology and Christianity, bringing her two passions together. Kanayo is an all-round achiever in all areas of her life and her passion is to inspire others, to set goals and reach them, to aim high and do well.  

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  1. Yessssss!!!! I absolutely love this! I’m super happy and excited for you. This is well deserved God bless you sis! Xxx

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