Say ‘no’ to like-minded people

The challenge with the saying 'surround yourself with like-minded people', is that we are usually attracted to people who think like us. Psychologists have shown that in varying contexts, people are attracted or drawn to those who look like them and think like them. For example, when employers are hiring for a job, they are more … Continue reading Say ‘no’ to like-minded people

No apology

Forgiveness does not excuse the offending behaviour. Forgiveness excuses the offender. The fact that God forgives us of sin, does not make sinning okay. The fact that we forgive someone of their sin towards us, does not make the sin okay. When we forgive, we are saying to that person, you are bigger and better than what you did against me. I choose to see you over the sin.

Sisters in Ministry

Hey guys, It was really on my heart to share the great work of a few of my sisters in ministry. Understand that ministry is literally serving and I'm sure that many of you do ministry in your everyday lives. One thing about being a minister of God is that we do not seek to … Continue reading Sisters in Ministry

I Became Poor…

From my heart to yours and my family to your family, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! While we enjoy our time with our families, friends, an abundance of food, gifts, fun, games and all the riches of Christmas, we must understand that these riches are a result of The One who became poor … Continue reading I Became Poor…

Help…I Have Bible Reading Issues

Please watch the video – I do ramble on about really useful stuff lool. The video is there for those who prefer to ‘listen/watch’ so you have no excuse. I have summarised the key points below for your reference – but again I encourage you to watch the video as there are some things I … Continue reading Help…I Have Bible Reading Issues

Love them anyways

To love is so simple yet it is usually perceived as a laborious task. It is laborious when it stems from a lack of love for oneself. It is laborious when we constantly focus on the flaws of others. It is laborious when we don’t understand what it means to be loved.                We only … Continue reading Love them anyways