Sisters in Ministry

Hey guys,

It was really on my heart to share the great work of a few of my sisters in ministry. Understand that ministry is literally serving and I’m sure that many of you do ministry in your everyday lives.

One thing about being a minister of God is that we do not seek to draw men to ourselves or establish our own Kingdom, or even become ‘christian celebrities’ (apparently that is a thing now). But true ministers of God are after three key things

  1. Establishing God’s kingdom; that is His heart for mankind, His ways, His holiness, His character and His word.
  2. Doing everything to prepare for His coming.
  3. Pointing men to Him as the source of everything; that is our salvation, our hope, our peace and our refuge and reconciling men to Him (2 Corinthians 5:18).

There are so many ladies doing awesome things as a fruit of their sonship (or ‘daughtership’ for the extra folk lool) and I’d like to celebrate and encourage a few by mentioning their names, ministries and works below. Check out their websites and social media pages to stay connected with their upcoming events and work. (I’m totally going to have to do a Sisters in ministry blog part 2, as there are too many incredible women to mention in one post).

Pure Hearts

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Founder: Kika Ashanike



Kika, I celebrate you and your ministry as a direct beneficiary. Your heart for Abba’s daughters is incredible and as you restore women back to their rightful place in Him, may you forever enjoy the freedom and safety that can only be experienced in God. Love you sis x

Love Limitless

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Founder: Ify Alexis Ossai



Ify, I remember the first Brains and beauty event, it was so refreshing to see a young woman who has stepped out to do exactly what God had asked, laying down the fear of peoples opinions and false feelings of inadequacy. Your courage gives courage and for that I am so grateful.

Mimi Ajala

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Since salvation at the age of 18 in 2005, Mrs Ajala has worked with and for the future of young people in the current times. She is an uncompromising speaker of God’s word and an incredible mentor.


Jesse Konadu



Jesse, you literally have a heart of gold. I love your heart to serve other not only in your profession but with your talents. You are amazing and continue to be x

Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


Susan is an incredible speaker who has allowed her experiences to not only birth a ministry that encourages but one that teaches. Her latest e-devotional, Purpose & Life is out, so make sure that you check it out via her website.  If you’re looking to reminisce, way before she released her book Living Waters, we had the Living Waters challenge right here on my young blog. Humble beginnings of spurring each other on in ministry. God bless you sis x


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AskAnu is an organisation aimed to motivate, inspire, advice and equip people to incorporate Christ into everyday life. Everyone needs an Anu in their life. She is a real gem, who knows how to use the mundane things in life to encourage us in The Lord. Her Make Up event was a big hit and we look forward many more. Follow the hashtag #AskAnu and keep up with her via her facebook page.

Creative Christian Store

Founder: Orianne

Such a great idea set up by the young and beautiful Orianne. I love the fact that ‘minsitry’ is not confined to the pulpit and young women like you are constantly pushing the archaic barriers. More grace to you and readers, be sure to check out the online store!

⠀⠀⠀Kingdom Ambassadors

Founder: Caitlin Nunez


I am forever in awe of the genuine zeal and wisdom in Caitlin who has availed herself to be used by God in a mature way at such a young age. This generation needs you and the God in you. Continue to shine as an ambassador for Him and raise up more in preparation for His coming. Well done beautiful!

The Growth Box

Founder: Opeyemi


The Growth Box began with a passionate young lady, who had a desire to positively impact the lives of individuals in the United Kingdom and around the world. She chose to focus on an idea that consisted of providing people with a regular selection of empowering Christian books, products that support social good companies and the opportunity to give back to society – she decided to call this THE GROWTH BOX. A wonderful vision which I blogged about when I received my first growth box. Thank you for stepping out sis! Sign up to the growth box guys!




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