Bible Challenge Testimonies

These Bible challenges that I’ve created have allowed me to really understand my purpose. The vision came way back in February 2013. I wanted to study the book of Esther by myself, but something in me – the Holy Spirit, told me to share it and see who else would be interested in studying the book of Esther. Lo and behold so many wanted to join me, going from 10 people to 50 and over 100 in the very first bible challenge. Since then I’ve facilitated more bible challenges.

whyWhen I hear testimonies of how the bible challenges have helped people get into reading the bible again and understanding it! How they’ve now been able to apply the word to their lives and seen major changes, I can only thank God for using me, social media and you all for being part of it!

What if I ignored the non-invasive instruction of the Holy Spirit? How many people would have missed out on really engaging with the word of God? How would I have missed out on learning so much from you all?

The truth is, if I wasn’t obedient to God, He would have easily used someone else, I am not irreplaceable.

why1Our obedience to God is so key. If you don’t want to obey God for yourself, please at least obey him for the people that will benefit from your obedience.

I am extremely driven and passionate about getting everyone; both Christians and non-Christians to read, understand and live out the word of God. These Bible Challenges have enabled me to achieve this, whereby people around the world via social media can study the word together. One Bible Challenge at a time by the grace of God, I aim to change the skewed perceptions of the Bible being irrelevant and to show the true reality that the bible is ‘juicy’, tremendously relevant, fun and easy to read.

Read the testimonies from others below and if you’d like to share a testimony, please share it here!
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This Daniel Challenge has made me realise on some areas of my life I need to work on. My faith is quite weak, definitely need to work on it. If Daniel didn’t have faith to believe God will rescue him in the lion’s den and in the fiery furnace, I’m sure he would have been no more.

Bible Challenge Testimony
Bible Challenge Testimony

Daniel allowed God to use Him. He wasn’t selfish with Himself. He knew that in God’s hands, he would be lifted higher. Not only did he allow himself to be used, he also obeyed the commandments. He knew there was only ONE God, he couldn’t share his service with another. How can the creations be greater than the creator?
I can never be a perfect Christian, no matter how hard I try, but I can at least put in the effort to make myself better everyday. God can’t leave you hanging, He is there with you ALWAYS. He never neglected Daniel, so why should He do that to you?

If I should say I haven’t learned anything from the Daniel Challenge, that would be one of the greatest lies I’ve ever told! I thank God I was able to be a part of it. I’m sure that what God has started, He will complete! And to you Kanayo, I pray God continues to use you mightily to do His work and inspire other people out there. This vision to start this is incredible! I pray it won’t stop here. Eager for the next bible challenge. God bless you abundantly! – @Ledo_AN, From the Daniel Challenge


Bible Challenge Testimony
Bible Challenge Testimony

This Bible Challenge has been great. Personally and naturally, I am a very straight-forward and rigid thinker, so when it comes to thinking outside the box or doing things in a different way to ‘my’ way, it can be a bit of a mental challenge. For example, I normally read the Bible from front to back (Gen > Mal, and Matt > Rev, simultaneously)… which is not bad, but it can be very rigid; there might be a situation going on in my life which calls for me to read the book of Jonah for example (lol), but if I was in my routine, I’d normally stick to it and not follow the Holy Spirit’s leading… missing out on a word that would have been ‘seasonal’ for me. This is why I did not take part in the last Bible Challenge – I wanted to in my heart as I knew it would be beneficial, but couldn’t break out of my mindset at the time. I was comfortable in my comfort zone.

Bible Challenge Testimony
Bible Challenge Testimony

But God (partially through you lot) has helped me to think more freely, openly and outside the box (in all aspects of life), which has increased my capacity for learning and also made it more fun. There are things that you guys ‘see’ when reading the Word which I don’t, and maybe vice versa. That is why I found this Bible Challenge so refreshing. 4 chapters, but tons of revys (<< my slang for revelations… don’t mind me). In conclusion, this is a magnificent idea. Social media is powerful as it is, but it’s even more powerful when it is used to glorify God. I will look forward to participating in the next challenge, whenever it is, at the Spirit’s leading. And who knows? Maybe God will use one of us to bring up a new idea for fellowship or something related to it. God Bless – Stephen, @sdotdanso, From the Jonah Challenge

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