#SamsonChallenge – Day Two

#SamsonChallenge - Day Two Read: Judges 14:1-11 and Galatians 3:28  Samson was clearly suffering from a case of ‘love at first sight’, although after reading the end of this chapter, we’d probably call it ‘stupidity in HD’. We can assume that Samson knew nothing about this woman who he wanted to make his wife, other … Continue reading #SamsonChallenge – Day Two

When Broken Chords Sing

Lord knows I was fighting back tears whilst reading this book. Having seen domestic violence first hand, this book was extremely raw and encapsulated the prominent issues and emotional consequences of domestic violence, especially when 'culture' is involved. The protagonist (Destiny) reminded me of my mum. I am forever inspired by her courage and forgiving … Continue reading When Broken Chords Sing

Zài jiàn China – Beijing 2013

Ni hao guys and girls! So my month in China has come to an end. It has been an amazing experience. I’ve gone through an array of emotions and thoughts while I’ve been out here. I’ve learnt so much, but I am ready to come home loool. My China experience began before I left for … Continue reading Zài jiàn China – Beijing 2013

Is it Chicken? Squats. Hair. Chinese Business Culture & Superstitions vlog #2 – Beijing 2013

http://youtu.be/9RB-5euh7Qo Second vlog about my stay in Beijing for my one month internship. I had to film it with my camera because the audio and video were not synching. Forgive, I'll use something better next time. Live the experience with me. God bless K x