The Real Power Couples

When Purpose meets Purpose…


I find myself writing about relationships and marriages mostly on Fridays and I wonder why. Maybe I should turn Fridays to Friday frank relationship talks just like Monday’s inspirational drive yeah? Yes.
And how are you all doing? Week was great too? Thank God.

So I saw Kanayo Dike’s picture on Instagram during the week. She captioned it #purpose meets purpose. I think the guy’s her Bobo. I am not sure though but that’s not what I want to talk about, something else struck me…
Okay before I say it, here’s a disclaimer to Popsi. I know you read my blog oh, don’t start thinking that with all my posts on relationships, the man have come oh, so you and momsi won’t discuss and she will want to have “that conversation” with I just like learning a lot about marriage God’s way, that’s all.

So as I was saying…

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