Our faith pleases God feat Minister Ayo

Beautiful and encouraging post ☺️

Susan Deborahs

Many give up in their walk because they feel as though they’re not meeting the requirement or the standard; many give up because they may feel as though their issues are too big for God to handle. However few realise that all that we are in Christ is by faith and all that we do is by faith.

So I invited Minister Ayokunu to answer some key questions centred around faith. I pray it gives you a greater understanding of faith and it’s importance and that it encourages you to keep pursuing Christ irrespective of your flaws or hardships. No faith, no pursuit.
Keep the faith. (Feel free to leave comments below. 🙂  )

What is faith?

Faith is the way we live as believers, faith comes by hearing the word of God, and faith is the active belief in God, faith is active, its the actual proof of our belief.

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