What is “#Vermin”?


A great campaign raising awareness of homeless people and how they are treated. Please read and support! x

Writings of Luo


Hello reader..

If you’ve been on social media sites recently, you might’ve seen people tweeting and posting with the hashtag “Vermin”. I want to explain what it is we’re trying to do and how you can be a part of this online campaign.

This campaign has been started to raise awareness of homeless people and how they are treated. We are campaigning to let people know that no one should be treated less than human because of their circumstance.

A Spoken Word video is to be released. In this video, I speak from the perspective of three homeless men I have spoken to and interviewed. We’re going to get the video viral!

I am praying that this campaign changes mindsets concerning homeless people. They are not all druggies. They do not all choose to be there. Some of them have made some mistakes. Some of them are the victims of circumstances…

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