Upcoming Events in January 2015

Hey guys! Get your diaries out, here are a few upcoming events to kick off the new year in January 2015!

Events Are In Chronological Order

The Resurrection – SOVEL (PAST)

Date: 10.01.2015

Time: 5pm

Location: Jury’s Inn Hotel, Milton Keynes


We have transport arrangements for the following cities; London, Birmingham, Kent, Luton, Cambridge, Northampton, Nottingham. Contact our general enquiries line on 07984699006 for more info.

Register via Eventbrite 

The vision of this conference finds itself in Psalm 85, therefore our desire is for God to resurrect the spirit man and reignite the fire within our young Christian generation. In todays world we find many young people are either oblivious to the existence of God, strayed away from the faith or simply need that encounter. Through various types of ministrations such as mime, spoken word, worship and many others we believe that by the resurrection power of the spirit, our generation will encounter the true presence and power of God.

We welcome everyone to an event filled with anointed guest ministers for this chosen generation. Visit www.the-resurrection.eventbrite.co.uk to reserve your FREE ticket. Follow us on Twitter @TResurrection.


Date: 24.01.2015

Time: 6-9pm

Location: Croydon

make his n

It’s pretty simple, it’s all about Jesus.

Find out who He is and what He has done for this world through what we portray leading up to the event and on the day. We wanna tell the world that He’s not a dead being, but alive and so real.

We live to make His name famous. If you have noticed, the news usually spreads bad news about bad people, but we want to share GOOD news about the only good person to walk the earth.

It’s quite contradictory to what we are used to in this day and age; on social media there’s a race to become the most fashionable, trendy, cool, photogenic, best speaker, etc. we make ourselves famous forgetting who should be more famous. We wanna make HIS name famous because He’s coming back soon and there will be no time for selfies if you miss it!

On the night there will be live music, poetry and drama **featuring MOBO nominee and Time2Shine Winner Annastasia Baker and guest speaker, Pastor of Cityhill Church Andy Gray**

More information: Facebook event page


Date: 31.01.2015

Time: 7pm

Location: New Charlton Community Centre, 217 Maryon Road, London SE7 8DB


Relentless…celebrating what God has done in Charlton since we started in October and sharing the vision.

My PURPOSE – Bright Serenity

Date: 31.01.2015

Time: 6pm

Location: London Waterloo

Register via Eventbrite

bright serenity
Joel 2:7 “They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers. They all march in line, not swerving from their course”

Many of us know that we have a unique purpose, many of us have discovered our purpose but not many of us are walking in that purpose or even towards it. The issue is not that we do not want to be a woman of purpose. The issue is we do not know the actual steps to take to discover purpose for those still seeking and for those who are not walking in it, life just seems to be pushing you off course.

Well when God created you for purpose He knew that you were capable of fulfilling it. But there are many snares on the road to destiny. The reason why you may be struggling with purpose is that something is fighting against you to ensure you don’t fulfil destiny. So fight back!!! Know the enemy’s strategy and WIN! Your destiny is for your taking. Do you want to be a woman of Purpose or do you want destiny to pass you by?

This conference will empower you to live in purpose so make plans not to miss it! See you there!

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