Tulips & Perfect Love

Last month, I had so much fun at a photoshoot with Tobi, of iFocus photography. We took the photos at the popular Greenwich Park, in what I call British Spring aka freezing. However, Tobi managed to draw out warmth via her skilled photography and we both managed to hold back the cold shivers. Tobi was so understanding of my love for flowers, so when I asked if I could sit in the bed of daffodils, she cheerfully agreed and captured some of my favourite photos from this shoot.
IMG_8251 copy
The meaning of tulips (my favourite flower – though I’m in a bed of joyful daffodils) is generally perfect love. This picture captures my awe at the fact that I am constantly swimming in God’s love. His love is overwhelming, undeniable and perfect – and daily it’s perfecting me.
Enjoy some of the pictures below and be sure to contact Tobi (iFocus Photography) for your photography needs. Check her out on instagram (@iFocus_Photography_) and Facebook Page xx

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