Upcoming Events | May-June 2016

Hey guys, here are a few upcoming gospel events for the months of May and June in chronological order – I hope to see some of you there xx

Holy Nation Summit

Thursday 19th May – Sunday 22nd May, London

Holy Nation Summit is an annual, international and non-denominational convocation, commemorating the anniversary of Qadosh Kingdom Movement. They are bringing together in the City of London world renowned Apostles, Prophets, Psalmists and ministry gifts, to UNVEIL the glorious mystery of Christ in us (Colossians 1:26-27).

More information and purchase of tickets can be made on Holy Nation Summit eventbrite page.

i-Ablaze Conference 2016

Friday 27th May – Sunday 29th May, Bedford, UK

Details on flyer.

I-Ablaze Conference Invite 27th May 2016 - 29th May 2016 (1)

‘Rise Up’, Rhema Church London

Sunday 5th June 6pm, Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Evening of inspirational music and entertainment. Invite family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues – See more on the church website.

‘The God Experience’ 2016

Saturday 18th June, 6pm, London Waterloo

Admission is Free, Registration is required via eventbrite

We are now in the end of the end times and so now more than ever it is of necessity to know your God.

The time where you were able to base your entire Christianity on ministers or preachers is now over. YOU must know God. In this season for any one who isn’t experiencing God, their salvation may not be able to withstand the terrible times.

But the good news is that God is waiting for you so that He can manifest Himself to you and in you.

The bible has shown us that one of the ways in which we can encounter God is through Worship. The prophet said, “bring me a minstrel” 2 Kings 3:15

The God experience will be a night of uninterrupted, undiluted worship for you to experience God for yourself.

Come with everyone you know and let us experience God together.



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