BYA Training at Legal and General

A review of the day is below from BYA Ambassador Kanayo Dike-Oduah who is now a 2nd year Psychology student and teacher of Science. Read what she had to say –

“ While most Londoners were preparing for the 2012 Olympic Ceremony, the BYA Ambassadors were busy being trained by prominent staff at Legal and General. The training was held at the St. Monica’s training centre in Kingswood, part of Legal and General’s building. As soon as we arrived at the venue, we were immediately stunned by the picturesque and serene environment, not to mention the staff swimming pool! I can definitely testify for myself and others that we all wanted to work there for the bonus of swimming during a lunch break. The BYA Ambassadors were made to feel comfortable by our wonderful host Barry. We settled down with our teas, coffees and hot chocolate (a personal favourite), and were welcomed by Mike and Lucy, our trainers for the day.

The training began with a lengthy but beneficial introduction. We were introduced to numerous models and analogies that guided our understanding for the duration of the training. One of the key things that we learned was that the personal branding and packaging of an individual, can determine whether the individual has added value. For example, a t-shirt can cost £2.00 to make, but the sole addition of a Nike tick increases its value to £25+. We all have Nike ticks somewhere, it is something that sets us apart, makes us special and gives us added value. The question presented to us was, ‘Is your Nike tick visible and well presented, or is it hidden in the wrong packaging?’

We learned to repackage our best qualities using the STAR model. This was extremely relevant to the BYA Ambassadors, simply because we represent BYA with our own individual stories of success. It was crucial for us to learn how to present our stories in a concise yet effective way, by indentifying our Situation/Task, highlighting our Action and concluding with the Result.

Being a Psychology undergraduate, my eyes lit up when Mike spoke about Nature and Nurture (I wrote an essay on this for more information. We all agreed with the interactionist explanation; that both our genetics (nature) and the environment (nurture) influence our behaviour. However, Mike refuted the stance of determinism, and greatly emphasised that we all have a choice using the ERO (Event x Response = Outcome) model. Events beyond our control happen to us, but our Response to the situation affects the Outcome. You can either let the situation take control of you, or you can take control of the situation through your response.

The last part of the training session was directed towards our professional development. We addressed how to look for jobs, what employers are looking for, and how to stand out in such a competitive world. It was a practical session as we engaged in role play.

Overall, the training session at Legal and General was beneficial to all of us. We learned valuable knowledge that will remain useful for a lifetime. More importantly, the BYA ambassadors aim to use this as a tool to train others. One of my favourite sayings is ‘To show love, is to share knowledge’, and that is what BYA is about, maintaining and uplifting our growing community of success.”

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