Britain ‘United’ for the Queens Diamond Jubilee

2012 is definitely going to be a year marked down in history for the UK. Not because the ‘world is going to end’ according to the same folk who previously predicted the end of the world. Lets just say, that theory has been falsified too many times, and hopefully it’ll continue to be for a while!

Aside from that, Britain’s capital, London, will be hosting this years Olympics in July. As I live in London, I’m not too excited about London being busier than it already is, I’ll be like many others cooped up on my living room sofa, watching it on TV, and shouting at the screen as if I’m in the stadium.

More importantly, this weekend is a special one. Its the Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend!!! (At this point everyone cheers). I went to Folkestone in Kent today to see the air show for the Diamond Jubilee, and I must say it was phenomenal! Amazing to see everyone super excited for this one event.

For the past week, I cannot say that a day has passed without me seeing the GB flag flying. It reminds me of the importance of unity within a nation. From a psychological perspective, when a group of people share a common purpose, goal, or interest, there is usually (a few outliers we all can name) success in whatever they intend to do. Moreover, there is an increase in the group cohesion.

This group cohesion corresponds greatly with Henri Tajfel’s (1970) ‘Social Identity Theory’. He suggested that belonging to a group provides the individual with the following:

  • A sense of Pride
  • A sense of Identity
  • A sense of Belonging.

This is one of my favourite theories, because it expressed in real life everyday situations. British people (NOT just ‘English’) take ‘pride‘ in where they live and come from, they see it as their identity, and they feel that they belong to the group! These are three key characteristics of a nation that will stand and can sustain all sorts of trials.

Whether or not we like the idea of the British monarchy…they are there, and I’m grateful for the fact that despite them being seen as the ‘national decoration’, they are able to induce such a cheerful spirit amongst their ‘subjects’. Forget the ‘Big Society’, lets have jubilee celebrations all year round, four day weekends is sweet to the ear!

Its hard to contstantly create events that involve the whole nation such as these, but when they do happen, I encourage you all to absorb the fun and unity that comes out of it. Have a good four day weekend. Long live the queen.


God bless you all!

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