#EstherChallenge – Day 6 Chapter Six

Hello Beautiful People!

Time for Day Six! Please remember to hashtag #EstherChallenge when you tweet about it. In addition, email estherchallenge@outlook.com with your notes for each chapter, or a summary and I will put it up on this blog page.


Main People in this Chapter:

  • Mordecai (the honorable man)
  • King Aha
  • Haman (aka Hitler)
  • Zeresh (Haman’s wife)

CHEEKY SUMMARY by Kanayo: King Aha was having a restless night, that even sleeping tablets couldn’t cure. So he asked to read His log book of events and came across an account of when Mordecai saved Him from those two fools who wanted to assassinate the King. When the King realised nothing had been done for Mordecai to express is gratitude of His loyalty, he asked his servants to bring Haman to get advice on what to do. Without revealing who the honour was for, the King asked Haman ‘what should I do for a man who deserves great honour?’. Haman being prideful, assumed the honour was for Him and suggested that the man should receive royal garments and a horse with a royal crown (lets go for a customised Ferrari LOOL). He also suggested that the King’s Noble prince should dress the man to be honoured and parade around the city saying what he has done.

Haman is a certified WALLAD LOOOL! Little did he know that the King would send him out to do just that! Haman was instructed to do all he had suggested for Mordecai his ‘enemy’! Haman felt so ashamed and went home to his wife Zeresh mortified, His wife even told him that his bad luck has only begun and that he didn’t stand a chance against Mordecai especially because he was a Jew. Haman had to rush back for Esthers second banquet…


  • THE PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH! (James 5:16) The prayers of those who had been fasting have been heard by God. This was the only explanation for the king to suddenly want to look at the book of records, because he could not sleep! PRAYER WORKS when it is according to God’s will! What is God’s will you ask? Even Esther wasn’t certain, she said ‘If I die, I die’, but she put her FAITH in God! Sometime we will be unsure about what God really wants for us, but it is so important not to allow our confusion to affect our faith in His ability to do what is best for us!
  • GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR. LOOOOL God fully shegged Haman’s plans! Just imagine, Haman did not think the King was going to honour anyone else but himself. He really went to the extreme in the blessings he told the king to bestow upon Mordecai, because he believed he was the man. The intentions of Haman were to hang Mordecai, not to honor him << BUT GOD HAD SOMETHING DIFFERENT PLANNED!
  • GOOD WILL ALWAYS BE REWARDED! No elaboration needed on this one 🙂
  • PSALM 23:5 COMES TO MY MIND!! You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. GOD IS HILARIOUS! GOD WILL ELEVATE YOU IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ENEMIES, AND IN THIS CHAPTER HE >>USED<< THE ENEMY TO ELEVATE THE RIGHTEOUS! CHAII GOD IS GOOD YA KNO!


L-O-L, Haman must feel like a fool. Look at what happens to those who wish evil on God’s children! If this is not the perfect example of God preparing a table before the enemies of his child I don’t know what is! If we are loyal, have faith in God and we fear nobody else but Him our own tables will be prepared to shame those who are against us! imageHaman had originally set out to kill Mordecai and now HE is the one who has to organise Mordecai’s Honour Ceremony. When God says ‘you cannot touch my annointed (Psalm 105:15) He means it! We need to remember the power God has given us! ‘I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. (Luke 10:19)’, once God makes a promise no man can say NO to it! – @PhreshOnline

This chapter makes me laughhhhhh!!!!

I’m just like the power of prayer is a lot of things! Our uncle Ahasuerus is unable to sleep and of all the things to do he asks for his journal. And there he remembers brother Morde! Guys it’s so important to document things. I love journalling.. Not only is it a way to spend time with God but its a written record of my testimonies and my growth.. It helps me remember my self when something slips out of my mind. It’s pretty awesome!

So amazing how the whole thing plays out. How silly must Haman have felt? He’s just ordered the best of the best for his enemy!!

Listen God will never leave us or forsake us! He’s got us! This just confirms so much about the power of prayer and fasting too!

Look at how Mordecai’s faithfulness elevated him and Haman’s pride completely messed him. This is just a primary example of this proverb: Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor. (Proverbs 18:12 ESV) -@GenieBaybee

God wasn’t lying when he said the heart of kings rested in his palms,in his supremacy he deprived King Aha of his sleep. this however led to the reading of ‘the day-by-day journal events”(Message translation) to entertain him at the present moment….God showed himself as the sovereign one here..he deprived king Aha of his natural necessity…God is willing to go any length for those who truly love him…God saw the heart of Mordecai and decided to pay him with such great honor..Mordecai was at the edge of a breakthrough!
Funny hamaan he never ceased to surprise me..thinking he was the one been referred to as the noble one..but God gave him the shock of his life a true night mare ‘Mordecai!’..he was frustrated but mordecai elated.. Pride didn’t pay him in anyway..he shouldn’t have understimated. Mordecai.. God was truly with Mordecai even zeresh wife of hamaan confirmed it verse 13 (message translation) “if this mordecai is in fact a jew,your bad luck has only begun,you don’t stand a chance against him you’re as good as ruined..At least Zeresh was sensible enough to realize that war against God’s children was an attempt of suicide.
Mordecai however was been recognized and honored ..he was a man of integrity..God is looking for people who are ready to go length for him. Mordecai was ready so God set his feet on the ground to stay….
It may take so long ladies but remember God doesn’t forget his own and he is definitely working on your case,your time is near,Hold on!!!…your page is gonna be open soon on the book of remembrance. @saved_nicolee

Esther Challenge Day 6
I really struggled with day six, it did seem to relate to day 5 a lot, Haman’s selfish pride again gets in the way of him pleasing the king.
What I’ve learned from today’s study is that our King wants to reward us when we do good for Him and we will be punished when we let our selfish personal gain get between us and our Lord.
Mordecai was clothed in royal garments and shown before the town for pleasing the king, for doing what was right in the king’s eyes.
Haman on the other hand let jealousy and selfish pride get in the way again, he ran home with his head covered in grief, after talking with friends again, instead of taking his worries to the king, but by then, it was too late when they figured out he could not overthrow Mordecai because of his God!
How awesome would that be if we had faith in our God like Mordecai and Easther did, and took all of our worries to Him. – Jason

2 thoughts on “#EstherChallenge – Day 6 Chapter Six

  1. Hi!! #JustWantedToSay: I have just learnt about the Esther Challenge, I’m not on twitter or wordpress so I am a lil late, but I have been soo encouraged by the challenge, I’ve been reading and managed to catch up (yaay!) I’ve always wanted to understand the book of Esther and now I am starting to via your posts and everyone else’s comments that you’ve posted up. I am starting to love Esther as a person, I love her heart for God, her courage and obedience and pray that I and all the young women can grow to become just like her.

    Many thanks

    1. God bless you sis for joining in with the challenge and well done for catching up 🙂

      Hopefully there will be more bible challenges to do so that we will continue to grow in our knowledge of what God has called us to be.


      Kay x

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